10 charging cables that can actually stand up to everyday life

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I’ve had good success with ToughTested.


blah blah blah boing boing store blah-

Hey, that’s a Yamaha DX Reface keyboard being used to demonstrate the orange power pack. All the glassy 80’s grids-and-neon-airbrush sounds and inscrutable FM synthesis of the DX7, small enough to get left behind by mistake at the WeWork lounge.

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Why are Apple cables so expensive? I bought a dozen usb cables years ago for less than $10 and none of them have failed me yet.

Because for some reason sites like this that otherwise espouse support for open standards and sustainable hardware get a super capitalism-boner for Apple gear.

Jobs though strain relief was ugly.


Not nearly as ugly as the burned and blackened cable on my old TiBook power adapter from fraying caused by lack of sufficient strain relief :-/

Uhg, Jobs and form over function. Pretty, but often really dysfunctional.


I had an ibook G3-500 – I went through a disgusting number of power adapters.

Almost as if strain relief has an important and practical use. But Jobs was never about that. His aversion to making design concessions because they could defeat some notion of a “perfect” aesthetic are legendary.






The calculator design lasted until OS9. The solution turned out to a be a good one-- and perhaps a little glimpse of the future.

The saving lives thing–for a while, people judged SSDs by startup time. Perhaps a silly metric.

How quickly did a PC-AT boot up?

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