The Armour Charge Steel iOS Charging Cable is the toughest on the market - only $24.95

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I don’t know what you people are doing to your Apple charging cables. I’ve seen them frayed and split, usually in the hands of the same people who walk around with spiderwebbed screens and dented cases, but it has never ever happened to me. Maybe try not yanking on them from the bight?


They’re highly variable. I’ve had $5 ones last for ages, and $25 ones that literally fell apart the first time they were used.


Of greater concern is the trend brought on by microphone-cabled earbuds of people walking around wetly sucking on the cord to get the mic closer to their mouths. I know it doesn’t really affect me, but it’s gross to look at.

Older cables, like those for PowerBooks, always eventually fatigued at the connector. I had two cords die that way. (My PowerBook lived an absurdly long time.) The design allowed for lots of torque at a point with no reinforcement—a lesson that Apple seemed to finally learn when they came out with the second version of MagSafe:

This cable won’t fit through the hole in my metal RRS iphone cover, and it’s a pain to remove.

I see the RealProblem with this “Armour Steel” cable: it’s not priced correctly. Now if it were priced at, say $2495.00 , then people would be jumping at the chance to own one. Just like certain Monster cables.


All that for USB 2.0? It’s like 3.0 hasn’t been a standard for a while.

Monster doesn’t make Lightning chargers but if they did the price point would be around the same as this. For all the shit Monster gets for supposedly catering to “audiophiles” (who wouldn’t give Monster the time of day) their cables are well-made. They don’t make anything sound better, but for portable applications where they’re subject to physical stresses the build quality makes a difference in longevity. Most of their stuff is really not as wildly overpriced as people make it out to be.

You’re thinking of manufacturers like this, who, hilariously, say that “All Transparent Audio Cables offer real performance value compared to more expensive cable options.” Although they do have a point, $3600 for eight feet of speaker wire is a value compared to even more expensive snake oil.

I bought this for my ex-girlfriend last time you advertised it. The plug broke the first day she tried to use it. The stiff cable puts a lot of lateral force on the plug.

I’m not going to say: “Just like certain Apple products.” Nope, nosiree.

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This answers a question I came here to ask. We had an armored cable that effectively had a metal gooseneck for the cable portion. All that did was transfer the strain to the silicon bit that formed the actual plug, which resulted in the silicon bit snapping clean off inside the iPhone. We had to remove it with tweezers.

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All I knows is that it sounds like that cable didn’t break, amirite?!

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You’re right - the cable did not break. I give the product 8.3 out of 9 stars.

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Is this one reason why she’s an ex-girlfriend? :wink:

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Ha ha, sweet, we haven’t had a good old-fashioned cable-snob-bashing article on BB in a while! What is it, Monster? Audioquest? Pear and their famous “danceable” Anjou cables?


Oh, I see.

That’s my main concern with these kind of cables. To make the cables stiffer and stronger is going to put more force on the expensive to replace jack in the device. I don’t really want the cable so strong that it will break my device before it will break.


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