Lightning iPhone cable sheathed in steel


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The so-called "Titan: cable that you are hawking is a piece of crap. The plug breaks off within a day, so what good is a heavy duty cable? Go read the reviews on Amazon and numerous users have posted the pictures of their broken plugs, many of which broke within days. What a waste! At the minimum do your research before you hawk products for a commission.


I bought one and the plug end broke as well. HOWEVER, I did get mine replaced from the company and they told me that the first big batch had a problem that was corrected. They just sent me a new one, I didn’t have to do anything, though I did send them a picture of the busted end.
That being said, it’s tough and all, but people should be aware that it’s even more heavy duty than the pictures would indicated. The flex part is kind of stiff.


$35 seems a bit steep for just 3 feet of cable.


This so called ‘new material’ ended up consisting of plastic derived from an oil-well below an indian graveyard and now the plug will break off your fingers within a day. How can you defend this company when customer reviews detail how it is mailing out demoniacally possessed IT accessories! At the minimum do your research before you defend products in submissions.


Here’s a $10 one…
IronWire by Echo: the $10 Lifetime iPhone Cable | Indiegogo
I have had good experiences with Echo’s little keychain cables.


christ, a $35 iPhone charging cable. This is absurd and embarrassing.


Can you point to how you got the replacement? The plug broke off mine as well, and I couldn’t find the instructions for requesting a refund/replacement.


I emailed this address -


Thank you!


*imagines @crenquis hanging precariously from a keychain attached to his belt loop at the top of an elevator shaft… “S’ok, I’m fine.”


I do have it on a carabiner clip.

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