Toss your frayed, tangled iPhone charger in the garbage get the Titan MFi-Certified Lightning Cable

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Not bad, and even $10 cheaper than Amazon right now…

Should last until well after Apple changes the connectors again then…


did Monster just change its name to Titan?


The charging cable that came with my phone is 3 years old and still doing fine. I have a couple of even older 30-pin ipad cables that are good too. I hadn’t realized this was a problem. Are these cables super hifi audio quality too. Actually, if you told me they were cat-proof I might go for it…


If your ongoing problem with cables is losing them, then it’s not a good deal. If you’re into doo-dads that look like a shower implement that you buy from the back of a gay lifestyle magazine, it’s pretty cool.


More important question. Can the steel tube itself be sourced somewhere? Many custom cables could benefit from that. And who knows, it could be even cat-resistant, depending on the steel thickness.

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Who are these people who have “frayed, tangled iphone chargers?” I’ve been carrying a mobile phone for 18 years and never destroyed a charger. My car chargers used to get tangled before they started coming with the springy cords. Do people just destroy their chargers?

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If only it came in matte black and was Tactical Grade then I might consider making this part of my EDC.


…also, never just throw out the cables. If the cable itself is broken beyond repair, cut off the connectors and salvage them. You can nibble away the moulded plastic with wire cutters and get to the core, which can be soldered on again and reused; such salvaged cores from 3.5mm audio jacks are often superior to the bought-as-new ones with wire lugs that are secured in thermoplastic thing that moves when soldered on (bring me back the old communist-era connectors that used phenol-formaldehyde thermoset resins, or spacers from fiberglass; thermoplastics are unsuitable for parts where soldering happens).

Double so with Apple connectors, and every other ones that contain a chip. The chips are difficult to buy on open market and salvaging is the best way to have some around.


Buying a charger cord that will last 20 years, for a phone brand that changes their proprietary connectors at the drop of a hat, seems questionable.


a phone brand that changes their proprietary connectors at the drop of a hat

Well, that’s a mighty silly argument to make. The iPhone was introduced in 2007. The connector changed once, in 2012. Not a whole lot of hat-dropping going on…

Considering it’s proprietary compared to micro usb it is a concern.

For the price of a lighting cable you can buy what 4 to 6 usb cables?

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I have cats. In theory they could wreck my cables, but I never leave them the opportunity.

That being said, I do have two frayed cables: one from being caught in the nightstand drawer, and the One I use for my car, which has on occasion been pinched when not run through the little cable channel properly in the center armrest.

So, yes. There are practical uses for these. :slight_smile:

Sadly, they can’t be shipped to Canada :frowning:

To be fair they do change the chargers on their laptops more or less every other generation though…

Or you could get the amazon basics one for 1/3 the price of this, which is also better quality than the apple cable, lose it, get another one, have it last you until they change connectors, and still have saved money vs buying this.

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Teenagers. Sugru has been my go-to for trying to keep the ends from being pulled off the cord, which of course my one highly-destructive kid SWEARS she never does.

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The phone brand is Apple, and yes, they do change their connectors at the drop of a hat.

Dude, if it was Monster, it would be $1299.97 and have gold tips.

Yeah but then I’d have to use an android… Ew.