4 in 1 USB charging cable for Apple devices, micro and mini USB


They are selling those for €1 in euro stores around Dublin (Ireland). Might be worth checking out your local equivalent.

Yes but does it actually work? I’ve had very poor luck with cheap chargers in my iPad and iPhone. Some charge super slowly, others are extremely sensitive to being connected at exactly the right angle.


If you charge more than one device at once, they will charge slowly because you’ve only got current from one USB 2.0 port.

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Posted right after Apple introduces the new USB-C connector on the 12" macbook.
The problem with these cables is that you have to buy a new one every few years as new connectors come out.


Needs at least one more. Nokia 2mm (or whatever it is) pin.

Now, you can be out of luck after losing only one cable, instead of having to lose several cables for all of your devices to be rendered inoperative.


I’d rather purchase one of these than 4 separate cables every few years though.

Hear, hear.
My approach is to pick up one of these kinds of kits, but in a little zippered case at the local all-cheap-tools and surplus store. Bonus, I can change the tips as required, I can use it as a Cat5 or an extension cable, plus I have a place store the other adaptors I need (USB-PS/2, BT, etc).

The Apple charging cables are like 30 bucks. You can get one at some office supply store for $5, and your iThing will complain that “This accessory may not work with your device.” I always think, “Hm, maybe.”

Had that problem. Solved it by hacking the phone.

We wouldn’t need such exotic cables if the manufacturers pulled what they have for heads from their collective arses and agreed on one single charging connector. Apple, I am especially looking at YOU.

Until then, it’s on us and our soldering irons to force/mod things into compatibility.

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