Magnetic simplicity has come to micro USB charging cables

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So this doesn’t actually do anything for the “problem” of USB-C power

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Details & Requirements

Length: 1m

Micro USB devices

Magnetic cable
2 micro USB tips

All sales final

Why even bring up Apple in the ad copy? This isn’t even a lightning cable adapter? Or USB-C.

Two Micro USB tips - so you can magnetically charge 2 Android devices (or similarly charging peripherals) - One at a time.

Thanks, but no. In fact - No thanks. More stuff to toss on my ewaste pile


I don’t know if this is the same one but I bought something similar only to discover that it does not relay charge rate information from the device so my intelligent chargers provide practically no current at all. The only charger that works is an old dumb charger that provides only 500mA - pretty useless for a modern smartphone.


I would be willing to bet that you cannot do data exchange via this, so you would have to take it out if you ever want to sync your phone.


I have just tested mine on an Android phone and file exchange works just fine. (Remember it may not be an identical model.)

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I would be willing to be wrong… I am surprised. I would have thought that the magnets would have screwed that up… I wonder why apple did not do magsafe lightning connectors then?

I’d much rather have two cables than two tips. As it is, unless I want to carry the cable with me or keep unplugging the nub I can only charge my phone in one location.

Note how they never show one being connected to a device inside a case. I bought one (at 1/4 the price listed here) from a direct-from-China manufacturer. The tip fit into my phone just fine – but the magnetic connector was too wide to attach to it while in the case.

I’m much more curious about MuConnect right now.

Lightning and Micro-USB options, and it doesn’t come with a cable attached, which is a major plus in my books. Micro-USB cables are cheap. Mine invariably break. Separating the magnetic connector from the non-repairable cable is a mandatory requirement in my books. At least so long as the magnetic connectors increase the price of the attached cable four-fold.

Oh, and as a bonus, the Mu is compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. I mention this separately since Qualcomm plays around with voltages instead of amperages.

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I just had to trash a phone because it’s USB jack was destroyed, so this is pretty interesting. But getting enough of the cords to have them in all the spots I charge would be expensive. The problem with the case interfering can be solved with an X-acto knife to the case, I’ve had cases interfere with standard USB cables.

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I’m the other way round :slight_smile: I’d want three tips for the three devices I always use with the same shared charger.

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I see you liked my post about the Mu. So I’ll mention that the adapter itself is miniscule and much more portable than 1m-long cords.

Yes, I know I’m starting to sound like a paid advertisement. I’m not actually trying to convince anyone but myself here. Because paying $18 or so a pop for the little tiny adapter is making me cringe. Actually, I think that shipping estimate has gone down a fair bit. I think last time I looked it was closer to $15 to ship two inside the US.

Well Mr Spratt, seems you two need to exchange info!


A static magnetic field will have almost no effect on tiny conductors carrying high frequencies - in fact, the metal jacket would tend to reduce EMI.

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Yes, thank you for the link!

Cables usually wear out faster than connectors do. If I’m going to spend this kind of cash on a magnetic adapter, I’d prefer it have no cable on it, so I can switch it to a new cable when the old one inevitably wears out.

For me it’s actually the other way around; what breaks on microUSB chargers is the tip of the connector. In my unfortunately extensive experience, a small bend is enough to snap the internal wires, rendering the charger useless. Since my current charger is a $20 Motorola TurboPower with a non-detachable cord (thanks so much, Motorola!), I’m all about protecting that bloody connector.

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The manufacturer’s product page is here. It includes the bullet item “Instant charging mode switching technology: charge your phone faster by clicking the switch button to turn off the data sync”. The photo shows this switch, awkwardly, in the middle of the cable.

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I would go broke as I have 4 tablets and 4 cell phones, although mag clips would stop the natural destruction of the cable from all the wiggling and using while plugged up.

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I think bringing up Apple is legit; after all, according to Wikipedia they’ve had a class action lawsuit against them for (allegedly) shoddy magnetically coupled charging cables, and have abused their corporate power to push frivolous lawsuits against 3rd-party vendors of their (allegedly shoddy) cables, and were the first people to use a bogus re-patenting of a Japanese fryer connector to connect a computer.

I love the idea of magnetically coupled charging adapters, but they need to get cheaper so I can afford some.

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