This magnetically-tipped USB-C cable is convenient, sturdy, and 70% off

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I’ll admit I like the magnetic charging cables I recently bought. But I only paid $19 for 4.

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but if you need actual Thunderbolt, get this instead

I also have cheap magnetic cables, but they are only the two power pins. The lack of data would be fine, but that is how the charger signals the availability of high power modes, so it’s slow charge only…

I went to their web site to see about adapters for iOS devices, and while they mention buying extra adapters, there is no place on the site to do so.

(And no explicit mention of iPhone adapters anywhere. The site is minimal, about 6 pages total. There was no contact information to be found)

There are two kinds of people, those who understand the physical limitations of cables and those who don’t.

I instinctively grimace when I see somebody lean their laptop against a USB-C connecter or fold a lightning cable over 180 degrees. And then they wonder why the sh*t breaks.



So have Apple’s Magsafe patents expired then? Or is this a cheeky workaround?
I have to admit, this was one part of the Apple design I was always jealous of (even if they then made the cable out of a kind of rubber that would look fantastic for about one year, and then it would perish and disintegrate).

At my last job I used to just order new laptop power supplies every month, because the sales guys would destroy the cables on the regular.

I tried using one of those but the 90degree design means the connector blocks the HDMI and the cable blocks my choice of either a USB or the power. Even if I printed a new shell for it the connector itself would still be in the way. Nobody seems to offer a straight magnetic that can do USB 3 or TB, probably because the number of pins required means it has to be big enough to overlap.

I have NetDot Gen 10 cables from Amazon plugged into pretty much everything mobile, they work for fast charging and usb 2 data and Android Auto and carplay so I don’t have to swap chargers or cables around. My only complaint is that they have really bright blue leds that are great for finding the cable in the dark but are terrible for sleeping.

I love the “Compare with similar items” section; so many identical doodads with only the logo or company name to differentiate them. I picked up the “iSkey” version a few months ago after transitioning to a new laptop. I appreciate the 90 degree turnaround because I grew used to the power cable coming into the back of my old laptop.

That’s so weird. Back in January I had the hardest time finding a 90 degree adapter for my existing power cable. I found loads and loads of straight cables, and plenty of straight adapters, but only this grey-label 90 degree adapter. Looking now it seems like the situation has reversed - plenty of 90 degree and fewer straight connections.

I’ve designed magnetic connectors and filed patents, so had cause to look at the prior art. Magnetic power connectors go back over 100 years. Narrower patents are still possible. That’s what Apple got.

Same here (actually a pin and ring, so it can rotate too!). But I find that connecting/disconnecting is so easy I charge stuff more regularly. The 6’ cable next to the couch just need me to wave my phone near the end and it’s connected. I can use the phone and move around or get up without worrying about yanking the connector out and damaging my phone. Less worry means my kids and I use it more often.

I’ve got the opposite problem. Cables came with a micro usb, a usb c, and a lightning for each cable. I don’t need the lightning. But I could buy 5 of any connector for $10. Or get 4 of each kind and 4 cables for another $19. Now I have 8 lightning connectors that I’ll probably just use as refrigerator magnets.

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