The 3-in-1 Supercord charging cable is a safe, simple and efficient power solution

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Brilliant idea the cables native plug is the least reliable of the three, micro usb, while Lightning and USB-c are adapter pieces. So you are fighting with connectivity issues with all three connections. Any reasonable human would make usb-c the “native” plug.


what’s that gigantic rectangular connector on the left side? do you need an adaptor to plug that in?


Any reasonable human would reject any and all micro USB and Lightning devices from their lives, as well, and embrace the warm buttery contentment that is full immersion in USB Type-C.

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Do you own stock in consumer electronics companies?

So unfair to the Mini USB.


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Don’t bother with these; go with magnetic cables. Put the right kind of magnetic adapter on each device and the same cable works with all of them. Super fast and convenient!

Link to your favorite?

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Those additional tips look snaggy AF

Oof. So you are either plugging the micro-USB into your device, or you are plugging the micro-USB into an adapter which you plug into your device.

Either way, you have to plug a micro-USB into something every single time. How unpleasant. Micro-USB is the easiest to screw up and hardest to get right out of these three connector types. Why build everything off of that instead of USB-C or Lightning as the base, each of which would at least sometimes allow you to skip the pain of hassling with micro-USB?

Hard pass.

Christ, man, give us a trigger warning.

Oh my god I hate these so much. Part of my job involves reviewing smartphones, and I’ve been covering LG models since they started making their Dual Screen accessories. The first one was absolutely fine, but the three since then use magnetic adapters rather than a native USB connection.

The first magnetic edition wasn’t reversible, which is the dumbest decision I can think of. Even if you’re not going to make it electrically reversible, at least use magnetic fields so you can’t attach it the wrong way. Spoiler alert: LG did not.

The V60 and the new Velvet are at least fully reversible, but I still very much resent the need to use a magnetic adapter at all. It’s just like: here, lose this.

I don’t know what you mean by electrically reversible. Mine is in an LG V40. Your stick the little magnetic adapter nub into the USB port; it sticks out only a very little. It’s flat on the end. The charging cable is also flat on the end, and has the magnetic end on it, also flat. You dangle it within an inch or so, and it sucks itself right to the charging nub and it starts charging. There is no need to ‘reverse’ anything; this is vastly easier even than a USB Tyoe-C connector that you have to plug in, and won’t wear out your USB port with repeated insertions.

I don’t know what you’re talking about but from the description you gave, it has nothing to do with what I’m taking about.

Sorry, I’m talking specifically about LG Dual Screen accessories.

These are cases the company made, that add a second display, but sometimes also introduce mandatory magnetic USB connections.

The V40 did not have one of these. The V50 was the first model. Are you talking about a third-party case?

ETA: here’s what I mean when I’m talking about reversible. The magnetic adapter on the left is LG’s second gen.

I’m not taking about a case; I’m talking about charging cables that have a magnet end. You put in a magnetic tip into the USB port and leave it there, to which you attach your magnetic-ended charging cable. Get the appropriate type of tips (micro-usb, Tyoe-C, or lightning) for each of your devices, and you can then use the same cable for all of them. This has also made charging my stupid Kindle with its crappy micro-usb port a total breeze. You can get packs of just adapters of various types for all your devices.

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