10 memory tips


The mnemonic I learned for desert/dessert was:

Which one would you rather have two of?


Parentheses before powers. Which I assume is why the one they taught us was “Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally,” for “exponents” instead of “powers.”


My memory is like a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard.



(No it is not a complete sentence, BoingBoing. But it is a mnemonic.)


I never got the “righty-tighty lefty-loosey” thing because you have to remember if it’s right from the top or right from the bottom. Then I had a physics class where I learned the “Right hand rule”. Works like a charm.


I have been wanting a good mnemonics book for some time.
Any tips? (i admit that the video did not made me want to buy the promoted book)


How much red port is left?




I am a dyed in the wool righty; in an experiment comparing times to write a passage with right versus left I had the largest difference of 20 people.

Yet when I started having repetitive stress injuries from computer use, I found it quite easy to switch the mouse to the left hand. It feels like a nice way of balancing all the use my right gets. Just like I try to put my wallet in my left back pocket whenever I remember.

I think there is a balance of memory use too. If I try to remember too many useless things I forget the important things. But if I outsource all my memory to digital devices then I also become forgetful. I read that the world champion of memory is a guy who does a lot of high altitude mountaineering ( which one might think would kill brain cells). My take is that he is balancing his brain work, distributing over a wider area.

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