The USA memory champion shows you how to memorize like a champion

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Whenever I try these techniques, I end up, for example, perfectly memorizing a list of things associated with my body parts, but then everything falls apart. I start to forget - which came first, the ears or eyes? What was the dough? Bread…zil? Ja…pancake? Then I give up and just memorize the list of things I was trying to remember in the first place.


That has to be the most bizarre illustration ever!

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Yeah, but nobody needs to memorize lists any more, now we have the internet.

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Whoa! Too much for my pea brain.

I always confuse myself when I try this technique so I give up. Now, I just write down the list of things I want to remember and invariably forget where I put the list. What was I saying…? Oh yeah, I like turtles.


I couldn’t even stay focused to finish reading the OP.

…oh look, a squirrel. [Chases squirrel]…


Wait, my memory is like a desk with a phone bill in the ocean? Dafuq?!

I’m glad your memory is amazing, but your metaphors are shit.

This seems similar to Memory Palaces, as used by the likes of Hannibal Lecter and Sherlock Holmes (and even non-fictional people too), in which you associate memories with locations in an imaginary space. Always seemed a cool trick, if you could pull it off (not I).


What I like about this is the suggestion that there can be some other list that is more linear to you and more easily adapts to being used for a peg system. Like the mentioned fielding position system in baseball.

I didn’t yet find one that works for me but I’ll keep thinking on this for a while, I’m bound to find a better one then I used before. The system I tried, from a different suggestion, was numbers linked to some made up shapes, for example, 2 became a swan for me because of the similarity in shape. This worked, but not great, it seems obvious that a existing strong list will make memorization easier.

I heard about people using a street, with all the houses and storefronts they know by heart. I thought of using something like the consoles from my life (NES, SNES, Playstation, Gamecube, etc), like I said, I’m still thinking about a good one.

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your metaphors are shit

Your grist against which all things may index is gonna be a silky decomposition of the Fibonacci Sequence and diner specials (8 mops of kohl rabi on 15 cubes of amaranth and rosemary bullion) I can tell!

Best book on this is The Art of Memory by Frances Yates.

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Yeah, I mean - I’m not using that particular list, but something that I think I’ll remember, but when I get down to it, it turns out to be more arbitrary than I thought, and I forget the logic behind the ordering. Not that I’ve tried this very often, after my initial efforts didn’t go so well…

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Build your own Memory Palace or Renaissance Room, associating the things you want to remember with things in your Palace or Room. It’s an ancient and useful technique.

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