How to memorize a randomized deck of playing cards

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Note to self: Never gamble with a Boing Boing big wig.


That sounds SO hard but interesting.

St. Thomas Aquinas had even more powerful mnemonic techniques, but he is old, so they are not hacks. They are old monk things.


Instead of a book that teaches you one memorization skill, that has a very narrow scope of usefulness, a better choice is the classic The Memory Book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory at Work, at School, and at Play. You’ll not only learn to memorize cards, but also long numbers, names and places, zip codes, and much, much more. This book taught me how to memorize foreign words, which got me through high school Spanish classes.

There’s a nootropic on the market that you can huff/snort that bequeaths you the ability to remember everything you read/see/hear for a few hours in perfect detail but I can’t remember the name of it right now.

Useful for last minute revision before taking an exam and such.

Think it might be a combination of piracetam and something else but… well, I could use some.

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There is this thing called an iPhone and it has a camera in it, and that camera takes pictures of shit so you don’t have to memorize any of it and you can still be a winner. At life. And have lots of sex. WIN WIN WIN. AIDS-FREE TIGER BLOOD.



The more negative reviews of that are rather interesting.

The guy who didn’t like the particular mnemonic examples used in the book was especially laughable. He completely forgets the many, many times the book tells you that the links you come up with will always be better than anything you’re told to use, because they’re personally meaningful.

I have a question about this technique. Once you have memorised a deck using your memory palace - how do you forget it to memorise the next deck - presumably you have a card associated with the driver side headlight of your first car and now you have to remember a different card so the task becomes one of trying to remember which card is the one from the current deck that you are trying to recall ? So how do you delete old traces of previous decks?


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I’ve read that book, and this method uses the same principle plus extra stuff. But the specifics of the card book are useful. Did you read the card memorization book or do you just know it is isn’t as good as without having reading it?

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