10 mindblowing psychedelic sexy melty gifs by kyttenjanae


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I will fully admit right off the bat that I don’t have any real appreciation for art, of just about any kind. Also, “light[ing] up a fattie” isn’t something that I partake in. So, I have a feeling that I am very much not the target audience for these, which would explain why I don’t find them particularly compelling. In utter contrast to these ones:

Which I absolutely love.


I wouldn’t say “sexy” so much as highly disturbing.


I wish the Boing Boing “blog” view displayed these images in their native resolutions.

In-browser image scaling is the worst.

Jefuf Chrift, this is Under the Skin all over again. I’m gonna have nightmares for weeks.

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What? Not even 3d fractals?

The second one looks like all the heads are crying tears of poo. Poo is gross, but other than that these are cool

Sexy, from the alien’s point of view.


All I could think was, I’m so glad I’m not stoned.

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I wish I could light up and watch these, I haven’t had any herb since I moved to the horrible burbs years ago.

I think the “sexy” of these is that they are visceral with lots of nudity and throbbing. Baby, I can dig it!

Whereas I had exactly the opposite thought.

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Indeed, de gustibus non est disputandum.

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