10 ton wad of congealed fat and sanitary products blocked London sewer




mmm, congealed fat.


What are these foreign methods of measurement? cricket ball? meter?


Why can’t everyone just use the international standard of ping pong balls?


I thought that was jellybeans. :smile:


To put it into proper perspective with units everyone can relate to, the wad was between 1.5 - 5 male african elephants in weight.


Surely, you mean bananas.


It’s going to turn out this is what Ceres is.


Just look at them.


Why would jellybeans measure everything with ping pong balls? That’s just plain ridiculous.


Perhaps they need to borrow one of these from paris


See, this is what happens when you wipe out the albino alligators and C.H.U.D.



A fatberg will figure in a future episode of Elementary.


Metric or imperial elephants?


Huh? I… I don’t know that. aaaaaaaaaaugh…



Mm hm.


Am I the only one curious about the potential of using Cleansing Fire on these (presumably rather lipid-rich) ‘fatbergs’?

Given that they are floating around in liquid sewage, I’m sure you have to coax them a bit to get them started; but I’d imagine that, particularly if supplied with additional oxygen, these suckers would burn quite enthusiastically.

Probably not worth even thinking about the smell; but beats attacking them with a shovel.


Read this on the Guardian site last night before tried to go to sleep. BIG mistake.

The comments on their site was even more disturbing, from an ecological standpoint.

  1. Get hot tip from sewer workers where the latest fatbergs has been found.
  2. Get in ahead of workers. Set up bucket brigade to haul cubic foot hunks to a refrigerated storage facility.
  3. Seal hunks in plastic, put in shipping boxes.
  4. Take orders to send hunks to sworn enemies.
  5. PROFIT!
  6. Use profits to buy survival supplies and hide out in the woods until the horrifying plague loosed by your folly burns itself out.


They really should call it a “Schmaltzberg”, and send the dwarves in to mine that sucker into obedience.