There's an 820-foot-long fatberg clogging an east London sewer


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I wish someone would harvest this ever-renewing resource and profit from its conversion into carbon-neutral vehicle fuel or a similar materials. Where the heck is that stupid invisible hand when you need it?


It’s stuck in the fatberg.





Well, our toilet went crazy yesterday afternoon
The plumber he says, "Never flush a tampoon"
This great information cost me half a weeks pay
And the toilet blew up later on the next day-ay-ayyy

People flush a lot of stuff that they shouldn’t. And most “flushable” wipes, aren’t. If only there was a way to figure out who flushed the offending items, and draft them into being the ones to fix the resulting problem. That would save money and people would actually learn something.


IIRC Ancient Rome employed workers in the sewers to prevent this sort of buildup before it starts rather than trying to clear them out when it gets bad enough to cause a problem.


We nearly found that out he hard way. We have a grinder pump and these burn out after 9 to 12 years – last year we needed a new one. Every baby wipe we had ever flushed had congealed into a large mass. This took up more room in the tank (or whatever) causing the pump to run more often, which is probably why we only got 9 years out of it. We were 1 or 2 flushes away from an overflow at the time that we replaced it.


We’ve come a long way, baby.


Wonder how much is comprised of bacon grease?



Bad name for a band.


Sounds like my uncle


“Fatberg, Goldberg, it’s all the same to me…”


A less polite version of zaftig maybe?


How are the BCBs?

“Six, I’m afraid. You haven’t plumbed the full extent of those deposits, and I think it may be reasonable to expect high levels of scrattle and BCBs in the lower layers. Besides, I think your forecasts about the amount of those deposits are erring on the optimistic side.”

“Wha’ BCBs?” murmured Vimes.

“Burnt crunchy bits,” said Sybil. “Mostly unbelievably huge and ancient animals, deep fried.”

“You astonish me, Lady Sybil,” said the King. “I did not know you were trained in fat extraction.”

“Cooking Sam’s breakfasts is an education in itself, your majesty.”


Probably coming up with something about ‘comparatively advantage’ to explain why it’d be super efficient if it were someone else’s job to crawl in there and deal with it.

At least that’s what any rational actor would be doing; given the ghastly situation.



I assumed that fatbergs were Harry King’s territory


Who the hell puts bacon grease down the drain? That is for cooking… best pan fried chicken you will ever have.


This is London. That is Dungeon Keeper. Sometimes I forget where one ends and the other begins.