11 US cities are piloting Universal Basic Income programs, with more to come

Yeah, but if he can’t be bothered to put it in a tumblr post or a single tweet, it’s too much effort! I mean, it’s JUST complex public policy, a tumblr post should be enough, yeah? /s


Liberals and progressives don’t take the same dim view of the common person’s laziness that those on the economic right do

They may say it is laziness, but I think what they want is desperation on the part of the poor. If people have enough money to say no to certain things, then those things will never get done. If people are desperate, to feed their children, get medicine or an operation for their sick parents, to stay alive, you can get them to do some pretty sick and disgusting stuff, or just work extremely long hours under unsafe working conditions for very little pay.


Unless it’s for the military. Even the stupid shitty sci-fi-wannabe branch stood up by the Trump administration.


Exactly this. I feel that we should move to UBI and abolish minimum wage.

Because without the threat of starvation and dying of exposure, that free hand of the market is going to be unchained…

But irony, it would be great for the economy because it will drive a lot of growth of small and medium sized businesses - people will be able to take greater risks and try new things, because if they fail, they won’t die of starvation and exposure. Some of them will fail, but a lot will succeed, and they will drive a lot of new economic activity.

But while there will be plenty of increased economic opportunity for entrenched incumbent companies, they won’t have automatic first dibs on it… which is probably why Universal Health Care, Housing First, and UBI keeps getting sunk, even though we know it is the right thing to do. These free people and reduce the amount of control employers have over people.


That’s the Tory vision for life in post-Brexit England for sure, what Rees-Mogg would view as “erotica”.


OK, I got bored and decided to work out how much I would be getting in PIP and ESA if they had risen in line with inflation since 2010. The answer isn’t pretty. I am effectively down £100 a month on what I was getting back then. No wonder disabled British people are struggling.

Labour may be shite, but they at least make a token gesture to supporting us. With the Tories it feels like they expect us to be grateful that they aren’t enacting Aktion T4.


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