UK Tory MP unclear on the concept of dystopia


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You will note that in the “dystopia” on the left, there are non-white people. That is what makes it a dystopia, to a Tory.

Only thing that could make it worse would be somebody wearing a beard.


Has anyone else noticed that the driverless cars are driving on mud-tracks? (Presumably because there are no tax-payer funded civic amenities in the Tory utopia)


The black man is angry, and clenching his fist.


Yes, I did notice that. Non-white people have been…“de-emphasized” in the perfect Tory vision of the future. How did this get through committee? It’s like they can’t even be bothered to pretend to not be assholes.


Presumably the VR goggles on the corporate types show crowds of happy serfs tipping their caps and waving gratefully.


Surely the delivery drones on the right have wiped out the last remaining “bricks and mortar” retailers causing thousands of people to lose their jobs.

And the robot on the right is shaking hands because it is an obedient robot that knows its place, unlike the bolshie prolebots on the left who are stealing jobs from humans and are probably about to form their own trade union.


Indeed. Look at the history of Baroness Warsi. She’s something of a role model for young Muslim women, she has talked a lot of sense (including attacking religious extremism and supporting progressive Islam), and the moment that she stepped out of her Aunt Thomasina role and started to complain about racism in the Party her career nosedived.


There is also an order of magnitude fewer people in the Tory vision of the future. Presumably this is because the rest of them have all starved to death or died from hypothermia caused by austerity.


As is the rightful patriotic duty of all poor people if they cannot fend for themselves without stealing from the winners! /s

And why are the robots in the left frame walking into the factory? Wouldn’t they just remain there, working all day except for maintenance? Or in this dystopia do the robots displace humans in the housing market as well?


Those people simply aren’t important. We don’t know what happened to them, nor do we need to.


It looks like both sides of the picture are true at the same time. The poorer inner cities with the mass of unemployed (Labour voters) while the wealthy elite (Tory voters) live in the countryside where they shop online and use 3D printers to print spare parts for their automated cars. Funny thing is they still complain about the state of the roads. . .


I can imagine David Gauke/Damian Green/Stephen Crabb/Iain Duncan Smith saying that as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. I even hear it in Iain Duncan Smith’s voice in my head.


Hoo boy. Did they get the guy from Scarfolk to do that for them without checking his resume, or what?


Yeah I don’t understand how the two sides are contradictory at all… I see one complicit foreman shaking hands with the robot scab, while his former union workers picket outside… Meanwhile the capitalists who own everything while away the hours in their pornographic headsets.


Don’t forget the (naturally) white male techbro running the 3D printer. One day real soon now he’ll get his own VR porno headset. In the meantime, he’s proud to have a job that pays a good middle class wage (and he’ll also gladly share that he works 90 hours a week for it, with 5 days’ vacation a year).


So true. He doesn’t understand why those lazy fucks outside don’t just do what he did and be born into more fortunate circumstances and then submit to the crushing work conditions that are now “industry standard.”


“I, for one, overlords and whatnot.”


The pamphlet does advocate for some good positions on things like R&D investment and privacy regulation, but in the process accidentally points out that these are already Labour positions and that the way for Conservatives to take leadership is just to set a slightly higher goal than Labour has.