14 Can't-Miss Deals With an Extra 20% off This Cyber Monday

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Can we talk about whether BoingBoing’s product advertisement has any alignment whatsoever with their editorial views? I feel like @boingboingshop does a lot to betray the values espoused by the boingboing writers, which is of course something in the nature of capitalism, but I would really love to see some critical reflection about what BoingBoing advertises for sale. We can’t change the world by mindlessly participating in its systems.


These days I think of it like a day shift/night shift writing team, where they don’t agree on much, and one is always eating the candy the other left in the shared drawer.

If it’s especially egregious I’ll pop into the comments to see if anyone’s already talking about it, and toss in my two-cents.

We got that Toybox 3D printer last year for Christmas.
A little quirky and not a huge print volume (about 8x8x8cm).
But still kids and I have had fun printing a bunch of things with it. Combined with TinkerCAD, my daughter even designed some simple necklace charms to print.

Runaway capitalism is drastically threatening all life on the planet, and if you hurry now, you can get 25% off these amazing deals before the world ends!

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