$140 gun "lock" has only six combinations

Or he knows someone with an expensive taste in firearms and has a supply of Lego astronauts to use on them…


“Spaceship! SPACESHIP!”

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Weight is useful in all sorts of contexts. Even where it’s used just to manipulate the “feel” of a product. A lot of quality headphone brands do a little bit of that too, just not to the extent or as baldly as Beats.

Beats originally used off the shelf drivers and components nearly identical to bargain products like Skull Candy. And then used aggressive bass boost, very slightly better plastic shells, and metal weights to justify the price.

For those little boxes. They’re mostly pretty cheap, commodity components. They could totally put a pot metal disk in there to give them oomph at the same price.

But it wouldn’t make a ton of sense to break out heavy metal etc on something like that. Cause how many people are going to pay that much for a hub?

The equivalent though would be if the cheap commodity box, with no difference but the little weights. Was suddenly $400.


This seems to be right up there with $100/ft speaker cables on the “rip off rich suckers” scale.

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