The Trova Go+ storage box biometrically protects your valuables

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How many seconds do you think it takes the LPL to open this?

Maybe not the best product to advertise on a site that regularly features videos about how insecure such products are.


It is because the Boing Boing shop is a complete joke and has nothing to do with what used to be the soul of BB. It is made to sell over-hyped and usually over-priced crap.


Oh yeah, that’s a given.

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Anointed for your “elicit chemicals” (you can put your weed in there)

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Hi, Lockpicking Lawyer here and today I have the Trova Go+ storage box. This little box is meant to store your most important items, which for me, would of course be the key to Mrs. Lockpicking Lawyer’s Ben and Jerry’s ice cream lock.

They claim that this lock can only be opened by you, and with a $200 price tag, you have to assume that there must be some high level security tech keeping your valuables safe.

Today, I’ve decided to open it using this Dorito chip and a small rubber ducky. Setting the timer, and go…



Why can’t they focus on things the users would likely buy? Cute sweaters for grandkids and niblings, electronic cat toys, framed reproductions of vinyl art of iconic bands, or a DIY electronic synth with Kraftwerk tabs.


Well, all ya gotta do is cut someone’s finger off, or extract their eyeball if its using a retinal scan, and hey presto, you’re in!

Biometrics, if useful at all, are only good for fixed installations, with supplemented security by a human being, otherwise they are just invitations to mutilate.

I suspect they are using marketing bots. Anything faintly techy, yeah, BoingBoing readers are obviously & definitely the market segment, amirite?

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Yep, it was designed to carry your stash.

Not big enough to store the Balldo. :rofl:

absolute privacy

Really? Put $1,000 in one of these, lock it, hand it to me, and I’ll be inside in minutes utilizing only my absolute bench vise, absolute cold chisel, and absolute 2-pound hammer.

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