Get this classic, minimalist wallet for over 30% off

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Sorry, but all my wallets are self-made*. It’s the capitalist way!

*Seriously. Great way to practice leatherwork.


I wonder how much I would spend if I bought every single thing BoingBoing tells me to buy?

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Y’know, analyzing that data could be an interesting (and time-sucking, considering how many things are offered up each day) project.


The one being sold here looks like it was made by someone without the benefit of a lot of practice.

I’ve carried one of these for years, love it:

Oh, such a negative attitude… :slightly_smiling: You should ask how much you would save. With “discounts” up to 99% off, you could save millions of dollars. Think of what you could do with millions of dollars, I know StackSocial is!


That’s true of most wallets (except, maybe, tri-fold wallets). The secret is not putting much crap into your wallet :smiley:

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I’ve got a nearly identical version of this that Fossil made more than a decade ago, and I love it. If you find yourself trying to break the habit of collecting too much cruft in a standard style wallet, this will help.

I started to add it up once when bored, and realized there’s 4 major categories: the LivingSocial store, reviews of products, affiliate linking in non-product posts, and “look at this product” (not to be confused with “look at this banana”) posts.

You’d be broke pretty fast, especially when they post about Neiman Marcus catalog items.

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If it’s 50% less wallet then it ought to be 50% cheaper, by default.

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