The wallet that does nothing

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Yeah, I’m glad only Hammacher Schlemmer has ad copy like that… :smiley:

[quote=“boingboing, post:1, topic:61567, full:true”]The A3 Aluminum Wallet turns the traditional wallet concept on its
head with its unique, futuristic construction. With three aluminum
plates sandwiching your cards and cash, and two o-rings securing the
structure, this lightweight wallet will keep all your essentials easily
accessible. The A3 doesn’t just keep your valuables safe in one
easy-to-reach place—but packs a highly portable and stylish design
you’ll be proud to pull out!

  • Made of anodized aluminum w/ a smooth finish & unparalleled durability
  • Includes built-in RFID protection for securing your credit card data from thieves
  • Allows for custom organization w/ the triple plate configuration
  • Built w/ a slim & compact design to protect your essentials without adding pocket bulk
  • Accommodates bi-folded US paper currency & credit cards w/ room to spare
  • Snaps together w/ two o-rings for quick & easy access
  • Includes a bonus integrated bottle opener

Ah, Hammacher Schlemmer, continuing to prove the adage that a fool and his money are easily parted…especially if the fool’s money is in the new Prestidigitator’s Wallet!

Yeah, that’s the trick: they’re convincing you this is worth $40.


[Edit - my use of an Amazon search URL doesn’t work right. Just search Amazon for “Magic Wallet”]

Seems to be worth around $11 bucks, and the cheaper versions look nicer. (Perhaps the HS version looks better in person?)


Well it’s nice to see that somebody buys their crap. I wouldn’t want them to feel bad.


LOL… You really needed to consult with Mark on this post. This is a trick wallet.

One reviewer wrote:
After you fold the bills and put it in the opened wallet, close it and press hard on the edges and then open the left side. Voila! It works!It would be helpful if directions came with the product. I had to call customer service to figure this out.

Most likely identical mechanics as this trick wallet:


You’re wrong about the wallet not being magic. If you inadvertently open it from the wrong side in a crowded store your cash falls out and disappears before you know what happened.


For that kind of cash I got a locally hand made Moose leather wallet.

Paboo, if it was a trick wallet then something magical would happen: the money would vanish, or turn into blank paper, or transform into bills of a higher denomination. Simply having elastic straps over the money isn’t magic–it’s just mechanics, and uninteresting mechanics at that.

All ‘magic’ is just mechanics + presentation.


A wallet with price tag that makes your money disappear.


you’re too critical. it’s a two trick wallet!

(googled ‘one trick pony’, found this



A couple of hors. es.


Booooo! What is this, Boing Boing: where joy goes to die?

I remember being mesmerized by these as a kid, and made my own craptacular version from ribbons and cardboard. And I loved it.


Hammacher sells expensive stuff, but in my experience, when I can find the same product (not a ripoff) sold under the maker’s brand name, the price is usually very close to the H-S price.

Yes, you can find similar products cheaper from some eBay dealer who gets them from a knockoff manufacturer in China. But does the cheap copy come with a lifetime guarantee?

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[quote]"The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee
We make an unconditional and unwavering promise: Our merchandise is guaranteed for life.

Shopping with Hammacher Schlemmer means that you have access to one
of the most unique and innovative collections of products available
anywhere in the world. Our Guarantee is an assurance that the item you
receive is of the highest quality.

If any product purchased directly from us ever disappoints you, for
any reason, you may return it for exchange, credit, or refund. Even if
you received the item as a gift, Hammacher Schlemmer will exchange it
for another item or gift certificate of equal value.

We know you have a choice, thank you for choosing Hammacher Schlemmer.’

Gotta say, if they really do honor that, and if they are likely to remain solvent, that is pretty good guarantee, even if it is only good for exchange or credit.

Now, how many returned wallets and gutter cleaners will it take for me to get enough credit buy that submarine…?





I remember trying to make one of these from paper and tape when I was 7 or 8, from instructions in the Puffin Book of Magic, I think. Never got it to work, and have never understood how it works. It might as well be real magic, as far as I’m concerned.


There is a magician’s wallet that actually does magic which sort of resembles the thing which Hammacher Schlemmer is selling, and the similarity is confusing.

The principle is oddly called “The Yawning Mouth,” which you can Google if interested. It’s not easy to find, but it’s there with a little detective work.