Kickstarting a wallet machined from a single piece of aluminium


Neat, but my problem is I carry a lot of non-card sized items in my wallet, like 100 receipts.


The term wallet seems to be used rather generously here. This is a card holder. There is no space for cash. No space for receipts. No space for odd-sized cards like business cards. If all you want is a card holder with somewhat sharp looking edges and not much protection for the cards themselves then this is great, but it’s not what I’d call a wallet.


If you like this sort of thing I can recommend the Machine Era wallet which I got when it was a Kickstarter. It’s less intricate and has a strap, which I prefer for times when I only carry a couple of cards and need them to be secure, but it has a really nice looking brass edition.

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I did the brass one for the Kickstarter – it is nice, but 3x the weight of the Al one (it is my going-out-on-the-town wallet) – my wife was embarrassed by my old going-out wallet (an OralFixation Mints tin).
My everyday wallet is a Simple Wallet (another Kickstarter) – I see that they have a “2.0” version now Slim Hand Crafted Italian Leather Wallet

Simplicity: Fold bills in half and insert stack of credit and business cards into fold. Secure with a medium binder clip.

So it’s a $40 aluminum U? Why is there not attached cash clip? Do all the cards fall out if you take it out with the open end down? What does this do that a small box doesn’t?

Is this really worth a small wallet if this is the way you take out cards:

Method #1 (which I use): Pull the entire stack of cards out just a little bit (about 1/4"). Push the outer cards back in until you find the card you’re looking for – then use your thumb to pull the card out. You can get very quick at this method if you always keep the cards in the same order.

How do I keep cards in the same order in this thing? In 20 years when we’re paying for everything with our phone this might be useful but it doesn’t seem practical right now.

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I’m a sucker for these sorts of things, but annoying cash and receipts make them much less practical than I’d hope.

Anyway, I have both of these already:

I tried to get one of these too, but the Kickstarter failed.

Binder Clips aren’t the most comfortable thing to put in your pocket either, and retrieving/replacing a single card is somewhat awkward.

Does that one block an RFID chip reader (e.g., for a Metro card)? That’s one benefit I see to the OP wallet.

I love the concept of this, but for me the perfect solution already exists:

I own this and LOVE it. Let’s me keep cards, cash, receipts without having to worry about the Costanza effect.


Looks rather uncomfortable.


I don’t see why it should block RFID seeing as it’s open on one side but I’ve never tried it myself.

Where do you keep your coke though?


Or for $20 you can get one of hansaware’s beautiful stamped metal art deco cardholders (or a larger metal wallet for those who need something a little bigger than cc/business card size) without having to wait and see if a kickstarter is going to be successful. I’ve been using one for about 15 years now and am pretty happy with it.

That’s not a wallet, it’s a card holder.

PLEASE don’t interpret this as a loaded question – I’m honestly just curious:

Is “designed and made in California” really a selling point?


Umbra has a line of metal card cases, all below $10. All the corners are rounded, so it doesn’t poke holes in either you or your clothing. If you drop the often enough, the plastic end bits can eventually break - but at seven dollars, a replacement is straightforward.

Several years back, they was a demonstration of reading RFID credit cards with easily home built gear at SecTor. I let them try my (empty!) wallet, and it successfully blocked reading of the credit card in question, even at close ranges.

I note that the Umbra case does have plastic ends, but the metal portion goes completely around the cards, which likely contributes considerably to its RF blocking properties.

Since it closes completely, it is possible to use it for non-standard shaped items. It also cannot get stuffed up to a large size, leading one to be very conservative about accepting new cards, especially loyalty cards. If you really need more space, get a second case in a different color.

also coupons, business- and coffee- club cards.

This is basically a cash-free modern-day money-clip. Which also strike me as bizarrely impractical for the non-theatric.

Once the state splinters, these will be as collectible as Made in Occupied Japan items.

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It used to be.
There was a distinctly nifty exhibition on recently that showcased some of the stuff that came out of California and the influence it had on later designs.

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