Kickstarting a wallet machined from a single piece of aluminium

It’s like carrying the last of your water in the desert.

You drink it all.

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Malleable Resistant Accepts Plastic.


There certainly are a lot of metal wallets/card holders on Kickstarter.
I wonder what that says about us as a society? Or at least, users of Kickstarter.
I backed the MULTI one a year ago. While I thought the concept was pretty neat, in turned out not to be very practical to carry.

Maybe, but a binder clip is still a heck of a lot more comfortable than a large block of metal. And retrieving/replacing a single card is still fairly easy because you can flip through one end while they’re clipped at the other. (I tend to identify cards by their position in the stack, and their color. I only have about five cards so it’s not difficult: from the top down it’s driver’s license; two credit cards; small Tyvek sleeve containing business cards; bank card; temporary debit card.) Once you find the card you want, just slip it out; there’s usually no need to even release pressure on the clip.

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