This futuristic wallet handles your plastic

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WOW! A bottle opener AND RFID blocker that also frees me from cash? I can celebrate by burning that pile of Euros, Dollars, Yen and all that third world funny money!


Looks uncomfortable as hell to have in my back pocket all day.


"Holds up to 8 of your cards "

I’m pretty sure that removing a stack of cards and fumbling through them to find the right one would result in me picking 1 to 8 cards and/or the wallet off the floor about twice per day on average. Especially if I had been making use of the handy bottle opener.

I prefer the random-access card slots of my traditional wallet, Failing that, a stack of cards held with a rubber band and a money clip with a built-in bottle opener (I just know they exist) would meet my needs. If I really wanted to go minimalist, I could stick to twist-off caps.


You know you can get an RFIDproof card wallet for about 20 times less cash don’t you? And if you want a combi, I’ll make do with a combined shoe-horn and bottle opener.


So… after watching the video; that guy that replaces his fat wallet with this, what does he do with the other four cards (wallet held at least 12 cards, device only holds 8), and if he didn’t really need them, why not just remove them from the wallet and make it more comfortable in the first place? Not to mention the big chunks of folded up paper/receipts that suddenly disappear as well. Plus, how does an RFID blocker work when it doesn’t surround the RFID devices? Is there a teeny battery in there someplace that powers a jammer? At least that would explain the ridiculous price. Also, as metal, it’s either going to warp over time or ruin a lot of pants.


Well, of course not. I don’t really expect a disembodied voice to carry cash.


Let’s also not ignore that your cards are all stacked on top of each other. Anything beyond the first needs a search through the pile. In my obsolete, wheezing leather wallet, my credit card, debit card, and driver’s license are all in separate front folds, so they’re all equally accessible. I have a pile of less-used cards in the cash fold (I hardly ever carry cash either), and so the first card on that stack is also easily accessible. Plus, I didn’t pay $42 stink’ dollars for the thing.


I wonder how the original designer feels about this, or if he sold the design or what…

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Hmm…someone screwed up. The wallet shown in the OP is the cheaper Bogui Slip Wallet, but the copy and link are for the more expensve Bogui Clik Wallet.

The click wallet:

The clip version looks even more uncomfortable.

But, as to blocking RFID, as far as I can tell, there is a credit card sized card for RFID blocking that you put in the outer most position - but that card takes up space you’d use for your own stuff.

AFIK, Stack Social (the store that Boing Boing and other affiliates put their names on) doesn’t stock any products whatsoever, so it isn’t like SS hoovered up a bunch of product on the sly and is now selling it at dollar store prices. Stack Social seems to just process orders, take a substantial cut, and send the order to outside companies. It’s more like a broker than a retailer - hence one reason why all sales are final, always, on Stack Social. Stack Social, does, however, wind up selling a lot of Kickstarter stuff, stuff that is often innovative, less than perfect and lacks good distribution channels. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stack Social actively recruits Kickstarter-related projects that are desperate to unload product.


made from RFID-blocking materials


You totally won’t look like a douche as you whip out this deconstruction of a wallet to pay your bar tab!


I use this
has to be softer in your back pocket than this gizmo.

How do you guys buy drugs if you don’t carry cash? Dispensaries might take Apple Pay or whatever but they don’t carry anything but weed.


Coming soon from the Curated Boing Boing Store Collection, the ultimate in minimalist wallets: The Wallet Sock. Sleek design works even when you don’t have any pockets. Holds bills flat or in rolls. And you can even safely store small purchases in the Wallet Sock. Perfect for your next trip to buy natural medicine at Whole Foods (parking lot)!


Emergency building supplies?


“Carries money in a “carny roll” (big bills on the outside with progressively smaller denominations nested inside) and points this out to strangers.”

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Cash is my favorite way to pay local businesses. If I’m settling up at a bar or bike shop that isn’t part of a chain, the last thing I want to do is let Bank of America fuck them on the deal. (Rite Aid, on the other hand, can bend over.)

Bottle openers, on the other hand, are everywhere. One of the most useful skills I got out of my six years of undergraduate studies was the ability to open a beer bottle with a lighter, using the principle of the lever. I later learned (through necessity) that anything shaped vaguely similarly worked just as well – screwdriver, TV remote, sunscreen tube lid, you name it.

So losing the ability to carry cash is a showstopper, and getting yet another bottle opener is worthless. So, no.

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Over here cash is king. What makes it worse is that you need coins now and then (e.g. parking tickets). Makes slim wallets useless for me.

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I’m pretty sure you mean caltrops.