'Shut up and take my money,' the wallet


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I can’t remember the last time I had cash in my wallet


Mystery US of A: people pay everything with plastic, but still have pay and rent checks.


Spongebob has one of those already.




I haven’t seen a check in years. Most places Direct Deposit that stuff.


Outside of restaurants that paid cash. Every job I’ve had since 2002 has done direct deposit. And I haven’t paid rent with a check in over a decade. I don’t think I’ve even had a check book in 15 years or more. My bank even incentivises such things. Higher interest on the savings account and no fee/interest on the checking with direct deposit and electronic checks.


When I do, it’s usually for a reason and not for long.

$60? Shut up.

My pay is handled through direct deposit, and my rent and every other bill is paid either online or (rarely) with a paper check. I don’t need to touch actual cash most of the time.


How do people think that putting yet another private, for profit corporation (credit card companies) in between us and our supply of money is a good idea?

Funny, the farmer’s market I go to does not accept credit cards (but it does accept debit cards), in part because it drives up costs for the business itself and makes them raise prices. Do businesses not realize how much they lose going to credit card only businesses, putting another layer between themselves and their customers?


60 bucks is too much… well… let me take that back, that price is worth it if the quality is on point. That being said i can buy a genuine Saddleback wallet for that price, i know the leather and stitch quality would be flawless and it would have a lifetime warranty on it. So if i wanted to spend that much i would go with a Saddleback branded one.


The ideal wallet to hold this valuable coupon:



I feel like the price is set based on the meme and what the market may bear for the people really into that meme, and not really on the quality of the wallet.

My current wallet is made of paper and reaching the point where I need to start looking for a new one after several years of use…


They don’t want you to use cash. Cash leaves no paper trail. It makes it harder to keep tabs on you - but now that Google, it might not matter any more.


My first adult wallet was a Levi’s leather wallet, i still have it but no longer use it for fear of irreparably damaging it. Loved that wallet, i had it since high school and replaced it some years ago with a wallet an Ex gave me. It is material-wise on the cheap side but it does have sentimental value and i expect to use it for some time :slight_smile: Let me take a pic of it…


I’ve wanted a good wallet for some time. It’s just they either wear out quickly, or don’t hold what I need them to hold. I’m gong to check out the Saddleback wallets you mentioned.



They have a few i like, I’ve kept my eye on them. I think I’m not 100% sold on them yet, I like their bags more than the wallets but if I did want to splurge on one I’d likely choose them because of their excellent warranty


I picked one up about a little over two years ago. About two years ago I picked up a belroy. The Levi’s thing lasted all over 2 months. And despite being a “front pocket” wallet it was bulkier than a trifold.

The belroy is pricy but tiny, and crazy durable.

They’re apparently indestructible. But very “I own multiple large belt buckles”. And seem bulky. If that’s what your into apparently you can’t do better.

For quality slim/front pocket wallets with a more basic aesthetic I can’t speak more highly of the belroy.


I checked out the more current Levis wallets like 2 years ago and i didn’t like the quality of them. but the one my mom gave me like 20 years ago was top notch and really wish i could find one like it because it was the perfect wallet for my needs.

Saddleback wallets are on the bulkier side but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for me because i’m not fond of slim wallets. But i much prefer their bags over their wallets. I also have a friend that makes gorgeous leather wallets but its for the Asian luxury market and i can’t afford a $1200 wallet :stuck_out_tongue:


In spite of being a Colorado native, I do not own any large belt buckles. I’ll also have a look at Belroy. Thank you.