5 space-saving wallets designed to eliminate bulky pockets

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Or you know, just shove the stuff in your pockets. I’ve carried 5-6 cards + car key in my right pocket and phone in my left pocket for years. Works great and doesn’t require buying yet another thing.


It seems crazy that we’re carrying around tiny AI computers in one pocket, while the other one is overstuffed with cash, cards and old receipts held together by a flimsy piece of cloth or leather.

No, it does not.




This is for adults who understand and appreciate the organization and efficiency that a wallet brings. You probably look silly pulling our 5-6 cards at a time when you’re paying for your Happy Meal but who cares, right?


I bought the Serman Brands 2.0 wallet a year and a half ago, and it’s been perfect for my needs. https://www.amazon.com/Blocking-Genuine-Leather-Minimalist-Billfold/dp/B0721YXDLM/

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I get that you’re not competent enough to be able to handle loose things in your pocket, but your inadequacies has no impact on my ability to be organized and efficient with a system I’ve used for decades. Broaden your mind, the world is a great place when you look further than the tip of your own nose.

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I just use an elastic hair tie.

Your cards themselves provide all the rigidity you need — there’s no need for a “wallet” that’s just an extra frame.


The Allett looks like it beats all these options in thinness because it divides the cards into two stacks rather than one. Have used it for a decade. The only time I need less is when I go for a run or wear outfits with no pockets and stuff a card, license, and maybe $20 bill into my pocket, sock, or shoe.

All those “slim” or “minimalist” wallets assume you live in a region where you don’t need coins/cash. Good luck buying a bread roll (or equivalent) in large parts of Europe with a card.

Use of cash in the EU (Source ECB)


Binder clips work great as money clips.

Me, I’ve been a very happy Mighty Wallet user for years, on my fourth one now I think. Love 'em. I still get a ton of comments on my awesome “paper” (really Tyvek) robot wallet. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using the TGT wallet (https://www.tightstore.com/) for years, and love it. It’s clear my wife feels it makes me less of a man, though.

The one annoying thing is the name, and even more than that the annoying use of the word “tight” marketing copy seen on their site. I just try to keep from thinking about it.

I wonder if that was your $20 bill that my friend found on the running path…:wink: (I’m teasing, but my friend really did find a $20 bill on the path.)

Some of the wallets pictured appear to come with a $100 bill—those are the ones I want.

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Who is this “we”?

Unfortunately, wallets that expose the cards to my pocket are a non-starter for me, because the cards get all dingy and gross after a while. I used a wallet that exposed them to the world for a while, and wasn’t happy. Some of them have protective plastic layers that peel off, or dye that wears off. So I want to have them inside a cover, especially the ones that need to last a long time, like my library or Costco card.


I just use a cigarette case for a wallet. It looks nice, keeps its shape, and has a satisfying click sound when opened and shut.

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Maybe I like a filing cabinet under half of my ass…

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About to order my third (each lasts years) - https://www.all-ett.com/

Men Wallet - RFID Minimalist Slim Front Pocket Card Travel Holder Clip MFBW1 (Black (MFBW1-B-MF-RFID-SS), One Size) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06ZZB49MM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_s9V2CbW1TC985

I stopped carrying cash or cards a year ago. London is mostly contactless, so my watch or phone works fine. If I stray too far from town I’m more careful.

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