Stash Your Cash in Supreme Street Style with These Three Keepers

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I showed this to my wife hoping she’d be impressed and after she stopped laughing I got “the look”.

I’ve always worried about my wallet surviving a fire. Far more so than my flammable bill wad of Yen, Dollars and Euros.

Yes, I’ve always felt a secret shame that knew no name until today, that I didnt have a flame proof buttery leather wallet that holds my smartphone, IDs and all. Every damn time I go to pay for a meal that shame wells up from deep within me and crushes my spirit just a little. Praise the heavens above that Boing Boing Store understands my problem and has a solution!


I never put my cash in my wallet.

If I get pick pocketed, I’ll either lose my cash or my ID/Credit cards, but not both.


I use a 60 year old binder clip as a wallet. It was free and gets all sorts of positive feedback.

But in no way shape or form do I want people to notice or say a thing about it. It is not a statement. Someone looking for a statement does not mean I am making one. It’s a binder clip. I’m sticking to it.


I deposited my street cred as bitcoin in a USB dead drop some time ago.


People buy wallets?


I like the Allet wallet. Won’t break the bank (Which is kind of the point for a wallet, I think. Sorry Bellroy, I love you, but $60? No thanks.) and is is tall enough to have two layers of cards side-by-side, so you’re not sitting on a fat wad of crap (if you’re a back-pocket person.) Also has a longer pocket behind the bill section where you can put a few checks, coupons, love notes, etc. without folding them. Weirdly it’s only a smidgen bigger than those cardstock-cover smaller 3X5 notebooks I tend to also carry in my pockets.

Let’s see, times I’ve left my wallet with all my ID and plastic, or a stack of money on top of my car - Zero

Times I’ve left my iPhone on top of the car - Once.

Disaster averted.
Srsly, keeping all your goodies with your iPhone is a doomed prospect.

Also, maybe it’s different where you are, but around here “Keeper” refers to a feminine hygeine product.

Where is “here” and what feminine hygiene product?


North America, and a menstrual cup.

Sure it’s used as a descriptive still, like “That’s a keeper!” but referencing an object with that name and, at least among crunchy women, they’re talking about their keeper, the thing they use instead of pads/tampons.

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Gee the things I miss out on living half a world away…

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Don’t look at me. I roll my own.


I mean, you can probably keep your money in a keeper, but there’s gotta be better more convenient places, though less secure than a keeper.

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This is mine. It was a gift, “mighty wallet” branded and made of tyvek, probably from Pike’s Market.

It’s almost worn out, though, so I’ll be making a new one soon. (If somebody doesn’t give me another first.)


I did, about 25 years ago. I’m guessing it has another 3 or 4 years before it gives up entirely. When that happens… I donno. If we’re not scraping by in a post apocalyptic hellscape, I’ll probably buy another one.


I have an engraved money clip that my grandma bought me. Does that keep my street cred as a bro?

I get mine from my in-laws at Christmas, every-other-year.

This year I got a pizza stone. The 3rd in my collection, not counting the one I threw out.

E for Effort.

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For a limited time, I am offering my own custom ultra-slender wallets at 50% off:

##Yes! We accept Blitkoinz!


Hmmm, can those be used for paving?

The treads of the steps in my stable are made of broken pieces of stone countertop somebody threw out (the risers are salvaged brick).

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The top drawer of my nightstand is packed with various wallets/money-clips/etc that I have been given over the years… I used to try to rotate through them, just for shits-n-giggles, but now I am too lazy to take 30 seconds to move my cards between them.