Stash Your Cash in Supreme Street Style with These Three Keepers

I note your ad doesn’t say that money isn’t included, placing order now!


I use one of these Leather Business card wallet since 99% of what’s in my wallet is plastic cards of one sort or another and very little real cash. They’re cheap so every 5 years or so I have to buy another one, but they work great for me.

We do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if I’m not satisfied, you can come get your money!

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A local waste disposal company used to have “Satisfaction Guaranteed or Double Your Garbage Back!” emblazoned on their trucks.


The only true Keeper.


Has anyone actually purchased/used the “EOS Titanium Wallet” (v2) - those rubber o-rings look like a weak point, I know I can get some o-rings at the hardware store, but if they’re not long enough they won’t be easy to replace and this wallet will be completely useless without them. I suppose I can buy one of @OtherMichael’s “ultra-slender” wallets and re-purpose it to hold it together w/out o-rings, but I digress.

Anyone used one of these? In the market for a new one and am starting to like minimalist designs in this regard. money clip + card holder.

…but those o-rings look like they’re begging to be a point of failure, and at that price point I’d like it to last more than a couple years…

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##And be out-of-style?

Planned-obsolescence is a user-centric feature, not a bug! We’re looking out for you, sweetheart! you and your precious precious dollars


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