Get the A3 Aluminum RFID-Protected Wallet For 35% Off

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Yes, you’ll be proud to pull out this wallet, so everyone nearby can easily see just how much cash you have on you. Easily the stupidest product I’ve seen this month. There are RFID-blocking wallets available that let you pull out a fiver without letting everyone else see how much cash you’re carrying.

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My dad (83) has rubber bands around his traditional wallet (because he won’t get rid of stuff he doesn’t need). This looks just as stupid, having to remove a rubber band to get to your money. Why not a regular wallet with RFID blocking linings?


Golly, that looks comfy to sit on…


[quote=“art_carnage, post:2, topic:61567”]
Easily the stupidest product I’ve seen this month.
[/quote]Yes, that is possible, but THIS wallet is being sold at BoingBoing store so it is featured here.

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I’ll be the envy of the crowd when I pull this out at the Golden Corral.

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A3 wallet my trouser pkckets are no where near big enough for that.


Actually, it’s a little smarter to keep your cards in a wallet, and your cash by itself in a different pocket.

If you get picked, you’ll lose one or the other but not both.

Needs more sharp corners and lumps.


Golden Corral, the Walmart of all-you-can-eat buffets.

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