Beautiful wooden safe cracking puzzle


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Use a sawzall, you’ll have it open in a jiffy.


Way to try and cash in our collective grief/disappointment for Rob, man.



You get bonuses? What a fabulous place it must be!


We know a security technician that can handle this


I can personally corroborate the “Your bonus is in a puzzle box!” Phenomenon at Boing Boing. :wink:

I, of course, had to extend this tradition to gift card giving for friends and family…



I have this on my desk as I type, it’s a good time. The laser cutting tolerances is almost too fine, had to hammer the hell out of it to get it to fit together.


@beschizza I’m going to put a pic of Geraldo in there (or maybe Rick Astley) and lovingly close the door.


why not beaver?


I got my father the timer made by ugears as a present. I helped him finish it (read “I egged him on”). The tolerances are fine and you have to put it together rather exactly. My father didn’t bother with applying candle wax to the gears and wasn’t too precise with the lengths so we didn’t get it working continuously yet. But maybe well fine tune the working another time.

It says 14 years and up on the box but I think you would have to be a rather accurate and disciplined 14 year old to get this working properly. Also, there are 5 troubleshooting steps, very kind of them to include these of course, but it says something about the type of product, not foolproof.

Really nicely done though!


Can we get one large enough to put Rob’s safe in?


Or a smaller one to go inside? Both?


Guilty as charged.




what a ripoff, when I finally got mine open all I found was some dank carpet. Dank! That’s the worst brand of carpet there is!


I’m pretty sure that he said DANE CARPET


Easier to open than it might appear…


I never saw these kits before. There goes a bunch of time and money…