What was in the safe


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I found a locked safe hidden at the back of a closet in my new house

What an astounding waste of money. That was fun!


Aren’t you going to analyze the dust in the safe? What about the dank carpet???


Can we get pitchers?!?!


It was what I was expecting, though not what I’d hoped for (either another safe or a portal to Narnia).


I am.

Thanks, Rob!


Thats’ a dank safe, bro.


Thank you Gary Timchak, Senior Access Control Coordinator. We owe you a tall one.


Was that really the purpose? Or was it so you could have the safe open during the day and still keep out nuisance threats (employee pilfering) during the day without having to go through the laborious dial opening process each time (something like 4 turns left, 3 right, 2 left, 1 Right)?


I consider it a fine investment.
I did get in trouble with the wife since I was spending a lot of time on my phone during our dinner with her friends… However, once Rob started posting a few photos of the safecracker at work that I shared with them, they started getting interested (we left before the finale).



Ok, but what was really in the safe before you staged this video? You’re just dying to keep this going, aren’t you??


The safecracker explained it in terms analogous to “think you know + thing you have” so I figure it must have been understood. He told me about some other stuff too that struck me likewise, like there not being secrets in lockmaking, i.e. obscurity is worthless.


Where was he posting photos, anyway? I didn’t see any link to anywhere but here.


This whole thing was just so he could have a video to show to the IRS to claim it was empty :smiley:


Husband is at the NHL All-Star Eve festivities; I sent him a link. I hope that he shares all the suspense with his friends.


That was it! I might get the pledge list from Jeff and mail everyone a square inch of 1920s carpet.


Give them each separate clues that will combine to give the current combination to the safe.

Hmm…now how to make that into a prisoner’s dilemma…


“I do hope those of you waiting are satisfied.”

We will never be satisfied…


Just two (perhaps 3) pics in the “safe” thread.