People discover old safe in a house and it actually has cool stuff in it

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would those old bills be worth more than their face value?

That’s pretty much the best old-safe result I’ve ever heard. I’m guessing the bourbon won’t be so great as a friend once found a 1950s bottle of…either Canadian Club or some sort of rum, but the bottle’s hang tag had instructions for using the bottle in a DIY table lamp. I recall it tasting terrible, but I also recall drinking a lot of other stuff that night so who knows. In any case, that’s one hell of a find!


Wikipedia says they still count as regular money:

While issuance of United States Notes ended in January 1971, existing United States Notes are still valid currency in the United States today, though rarely seen in circulation.


All circulating notes, issued from 1861 to present, will be honored by the government at face value as legal tender.


With the dollar, they might not even be worth their face value.


I can top it with this one.

But a bourbon bottle and $50k still ranks pretty high in the absolute scale.


Smells like ARG.


50 grand in the safe, and who knows how much under that tree at the estate in Mesa, AZ. That’s a pretty awesome find.

It’s just a story. They don’t claim it’s true.

That safe is only 5 years old and you can buy them on Amazon.

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the bills appear even older.

Even older? 1977 is old now? Holy shit.


It all does have the distinct odor of Oscar Meyer and male bovine excrement. 50 year old money and an ancient bottle of millenial-fad-du-jour stored in a brand new safe? A set of mysterious “clues” that are about as hard to decipher as an episode of Scooby Doo? And the guy’s hands sure don’t have the look of someone that just demolished a kitchen.


Subjectively, it feels quite that way…


It’s bullshit in the same way that Superman is bullshit.

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You don’t see long comment threads on posts about Superman debating whether a man could really leap tall buildings in a single bound. More likely it’s viral marketing for whatever product the James Pepper Bourbon they’ve buried in Mesa AZ.


I work at a university. They had a “retro” pub night the other night. The theme was “90s” - the 90s are retro now (if you’re 18).

Welcome to old age! Feel free to yell at the kids on your lawn. :wink:


Yeah, seems market-y to me. My spidey-sense is up from the way-too-pefect photography. I can tell by the pixels long focal length…

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That just means that the government won’t give you credit for more than the face value of any note, but people who collect rare bills might.


Could be they just have a new phone? My Galaxy 6 takes shockingly good photos. :wink:

@Brainspore - I had friends who would gladly take the $20 silver coins from idiot teenagers who brought them to Gamesworkshop to spend on figures and paints. Legal tender yes, worth only $20 hells no…


Don’t waste your breath.
Get a shotgun.

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More likely it’s viral marketing

If you’ve ever worked in marketing or sat in on a meeting, it’s all about telling stories.