The Beachsafe makes sure your valuables stay safe and your phone never overheats

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Steal whole thing, take home, apply screwdriver and/or hammer briskly xD. Yeah, no. Leave your valuables in your car or with friends/family, silly. And DON’T take your freaking consumer electronics to the beach!


a stainless steel securing cable that can be locked to a bike rack, fence, beach chair, or other stationary objects to assure your loaded Beachsafe is still there when you get back.

The only one of those that’s on the actual beach are beach chairs, and those are very much not stationary.


BoingBoing: watch the Lockpicking Lawyer show how easy it is to bypass locks.
Also BoingBoing: Waste $70 on a locked box to give you false peace of mind!


yeah, BB’s shop offerings sometimes seem at odds with the content…I also thought of the LockPicking Lawyer as soon as I saw this.


“5 seconds and a box cutter is all it took to bypass the Beachsafe. Which means it’s more secure than a Masterlock 450xl.”


It’s an ecosystem!


And my life never goes so terribly wrong.

Hey I was tempted to send one to the lockpickinglawyer until I saw the price.

I think that would have been the final piece of defining the ecosystem.


We should alert him to buy one. He gets a new video, BBShop gets a sale, we get another LPL video. Everybody happy!


Not in the Bay Area. So many auto break ins… :-/

(Possibly still safer than a beach “safe”, though, if you have a trunk and don’t open it to get any thing out or put anything in when you park and the trunk can’t be opened from inside the car.)

Still far safer than a “Beach Safe”.

It’s the cycle of lifecrapgadgets

Just about any brand of square jaw electrician plyers can chop through that gauge of stainless steel cable.

I think a better idea would be to only take a small amount of money to the beach if you want a drink or icecream. Leave everything else in the car and not out in the open either.

Bonus for techies: get to see the bomb squad in action.


That’s the sort of safe the Lockpicking Lawyer can open by simply walking into the same room.

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