Keep valuables safe on your keychain

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perfect protection from pickpockets while traveling

I dunno, man. I’m pretty sure that a good pickpocket would have no problem yoinking it. Joke’s on them, though, what with that rolled-up $1 bill in there!


keeping your personal items, especially little ones, organized without some kind of bag is a tough task.

No. No it’s not. It’s an extremely simple task for anyone over the age of six.

These ads, man. These ads are aimed at people with the IQ of a turnip. “How many times have you tried tying your shoes, only to end up strangling yourself?”

EDIT: I just noticed they’re marketing this device which is not a safe and too small to hold a key as “The Key Safe.”


well there was that one time, and oh yeah yesterday, and wait last week, well hmm…


Lee Valley Tools (not sure if I’m allowed to post a link) offers machined aluminum “utility capsules” in a range of sizes. One comparable to the Key Safe costs $3.90 CDN, or a set of four different sizes is $16.50.

If your lifestyle isn’t rugged enough to require stainless steel, they look like a better deal.


They work well to store pills.


I tried this once with a tiny keychain maglite that I had. Ended up dropping the canister somewhere but kept the lid on the keychain. Lost $40.

Still don’t understand how that came off, and yet, it wasn’t the first time it came unscrewed.


Usually, when travelling, I don’t have my normal keys. And if I did bring my keys, they are zipped in the compartment of my carry on and I check them often as I have an unnatural fear of losing my keys when travelling and not being able to drive home from the airport.


Lee Valley’s containers are quite nice but you could also just go to Amazon and do a search for ‘aluminum pill container’. There are dozens of options there and you might well wind up twenty metal containers for what the one promoted in the article costs. I’m not really sure why anyone would need a stainless container – most of those on the market are aluminum. I’ve usually have three or four of various sizes for various purposes with me when I’m traveling. Maybe it is like wearing a Rolex when a Timex would do the job and not leave you worrying about theft or loss.

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“I was able to protect my $1 bill for just $17.95!”


But you can get an aluminium one suitable for for pills on Ebay for a dollar including postage/

I keep iocaine powder in mine. When they try to lift it I tell them, “What you do not smell is called iocane powder. It is odorless, tasteless, dissolves instantly in liquid, and is among the more deadlier poisons known to man.”


You can also get titanium ones for $40 which is what I did because I liked the look better.


Its real name should be ‘Glaringly Obvious Keychain Drug-bottle’.


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