Man steals over 100 phones at Coachella, busted by Find My iPhone

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I’m sure that they have their reasons; but phones seem like dangerous targets: thanks to the usual depreciation of consumer goods when removed from the package, any cosmetic damage; and the risk that the phone has a stubborn enough software lock that it will need to be parted out; is confined to one network, etc. the resale value must be substantially below the sticker price; but the sticker prices are high enough that the prosecution might well have the option of going for grand theft rather than petty theft charges(in California the threshold is $950; or $250 for agricultural products, because reasons; or if you steal directly from the victim’s person. Some flagship handsets might qualify on value alone; ‘from the victim’s person’ will frequently apply).

Then you have the whole ‘computer not under your control with a battery of RF options and a multitude of globally unique IDs burned in’ issue.


Well at least they weren’t moon rocks.


Stop carrying them in your back pocket.


Mr De Jesus should have used a Faraday backpack. Or you know, just turned the phones off.


Is there a way of safely turning off an iPhone?


Or not stolen them.


I prefer the competing service, “BlowUpMyPhone”. I just need to be careful when unlocking it. If I fail 3 times in a row I’m forced to wait until I stop sweating and shaking before trying again.


App idea: Same as Find My iPhone, but instead of playing a beep, play the sounds of sex at maximum volume with the volume controls locked.


You aren’t incorrect BUT it’s also not terribly difficult to “rinse” a phone (either Android or iOS) and give it a new IMEI identification number, at least as far as the cell company thinks.

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This is just poor planning on the thief’s part. He could set up a Faraday cage in his backpack to prevent all the phones for pinging their GPS location or ringing. Glad he’s an idiot though.


Pretty elaborate way to say “line your backpack with aluminum foil” xD .

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It’s accurate though :slight_smile: one can also use a fine metallic mesh to block signals as well. Would be a little bit harder to set up but it’d be more durable.

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