Bathroom Break-In: thieves steal 436 iPhones worth $500k from Washington Apple Store

Originally published at: Bathroom Break-In: thieves steal 436 iPhones worth $500k from Washington Apple Store | Boing Boing

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Are they really worth zero at this point? Would the same be true of Androids?

Maybe they can part them out, batteries, cases, haptics, screens, camera, speakers, etc.

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I’m not shedding tears for the crooks, but if @doctorow were still frequenting these parts he’d remind us that if Apple can do this to the crooks, they can do it to us too, for far less (or even no) offense.

I miss when we owned things.


That’s not just a coffee shop. It’s Seattle coffee gear: they sell expensive espresso machines and grinders and such.


Barney did it

Never mind the phones, did you catch the rest of the story?

  1. Later that night on the way to the grocery store my wife and I happened upon a truck pulled over to the side of the road, the driver was giving the passenger really bad CPR. My wife and I jumped into action. I pulled the woman from the truck and my wife began CPR while coaching the other person what to do. 5 minutes-ish later medics arrived and they were able to revive her before loading her into an ambulance. Man, did we ever need a margarita last night😂 Here’s hoping the young lady we helped is doing fine this morning and the crooks are going to get caught!

I’d say free iphones all around if it weren’t for the inventory problem.

I haven’t been keeping up with the state of the arms race, but I would have guessed that stolen new iPhones were unusable, and possibly even some of their more expensive parts, too.

But then, wouldn’t people doing a fancy heist know that? How deep does the rabbit hole go?

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a brick wants to be something

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Typically the more advanced thieves pop the phones into a shielded bag which only gets opened in a Faraday-cage room, where the phones are given new IMEIs so they won’t be bricked.

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