Hand grenade music boxes


Really neat item. Though the single play thing, while interesting conceptually, ruins it for me. Imagine trying to show someone the item, and telling them you can’t show them how it works for fear of not being able to rewind the music box.

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Seriously now, any kind of toy that looks like a weapon is just begging for a lawsuit when some paranoid police officer shoots down the gift recipient. Only an idiot would ever buy or give such an item in the US as currently managed. Hopefully it’s concept art that will only ever appear in a gallery, not some kind of maker product.


Well, there’s a link to the artist’s site. Do you see a sales page?

Edit: Looks like you can still buy these easily enough, which is a good thing. There’s all kinds of things that can get you shot if you wave them aggressively at a cop. The solution is don’t do that.

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My first thought was “why can’t you rewind the box by depressing the lever?”

Looking at the making-of pics it becomes more clear why: it uses a pre-fabricated music box, and with the bulk of it there’s little room for the gears you’d need.

But I’m curious about that one exposed screw - it seems to be in the general area a winding mechanism would live, and I can’t think of any other need for it to be there.

I explained the cross section view of grenade here

And just remember, some grenades have a contact fuse, not time delay!

Man, DRM has really gotten out of control.


A classier version of rednecks buying swords, knives, and other weapons that they never intend to use for their designed purpose as killing implements. Or cigarettes encased in novelty “emergency break glass”. Buying the feeling of power that comes from thinking they could be deployed whenever the impulse arises, and simultaneously disowning the possibility of actually deploying.

The appropriate tune for that is “Instant Karma”

Has anybody ever broken open and smoke one of the ‘in case of emergency’ cigarettes?

Instant if you don’t count the prep time to get all liquored up.

No, you’re thinking of ordinary dummy grenades like this one. This music-box dealie is a moderately witty art object, not a toy for weapon aficionados.

And you know, for that matter, I know plenty of lovely people who own and display wall-hanger swords and knives and whatnot. Humans are descended from violent apes, and we’re fascinated by the tools of violence even if we’re not interested in actually using them. There’s nothing wrong with that, so you can keep your smug superiority.

Oh good lord. Really? Are you really worried about this bullshit, or concern trolling?

It’s a novelty. Millions of people own fake/prop/replica weapons and somehow have managed to not incite a riot or have a SWAT team called over.

Millions more have, you know, like real weapons and they too are doing just fine. Don’t worry, six fingered men are perfectly safe from my wall mounted rapier.

They should make a version that plays “Pop goes the Weasel”, only have it not play the last line (Pop goes the weasel!) Some sort of commentary on people waiting for things that never come.

The fact that you can’t rewind the music box puts it squarely in the “concept art” category for me, doubly so with it playing America the Beautiful.

I’ve never seen the point of “art” that’s entire schtick is making a non-violent object appear to be a weapon.

Does the appearance of a weapon add to the object’s aesthetic value? No, because weapons aren’t designed for their aesthetics.

Does the appearance of a weapon add to the object’s artistic value? No, not in and of itself.

A sculpture of a gun with the barrel tied into a knot conveys a distinct and obvious message via subversion of the weapon aesthetic. A music box that is externally indistinguishable from a grenade without any such aesthetic subversion does not.

One might argue that the point of the object is the contradiction of the form and function of the device, but merely being contrary is hardly artistry and is essentially arbitrary. (Which I suppose might work if you’re a Dadaist, but then why settle for something so mundane?)

Ultimately this is just someone’s half baked concept made manifest. It’s sheer dark whimsy, an errant grim thought given physical form. It is neither beautiful nor edifying nor challenging on any level - it merely is a trinket, a knick-knack, a mild curiosity at best and an alarming confusion at worst.

I can see not being interested in it, but I’m not sure why it bothers you quite so much.

You’re not bothered by the thought of someone dressing the beauty and purity of music in the trappings of the tools of murder and strife?

It’s like making a baby crib out of exhumed human bones.

I think it’s weird to assume that any intersection of music and weapons automatically drags down music. You could just as well say that it highlights the horror of war by comparing it to the beauty of music–juxtaposing and contrasting mankind’s worst creation with one of our best.

Edit: I think you’re interpreting the author’s intent as “haha, wouldn’t it be wacky if I put a music box in a grenade?” And maybe you’re right! He doesn’t say. I’m inclined to see something a bit deeper than that in this particular piece, though.

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