US Air Force offers $5,000 reward for belt of grenades lost in North Dakota


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Airmen expected to protect nuclear weapons accidentally lose grenades
Drums of war

I wonder how much someone could get for those on the black weapons market ?


Proprietary? Can I not buy an MK 19 Automatic Grenade Launcher for umm, hunting and self defense?


Belt fed grenades for hunting and home defense.


“Luckily the grenades can not be safely used without a proprietary grenade launcher.”

Is that lucky?


“Luckily the grenades can not be safely used without a proprietary grenade launcher.”

is that a challenge to my ingenuity?


Exactly. The 2nd Amendment means nature, criminals, and liberals must cower in shock and awe of my automatic belt fed grenade launcher.


Open carry laws should allows these into mental institutions in Texas.


“Belt of grenades”, is that like a unit of measure?


Airforce offers $5000 reward for belt of grenades lost in North Dakota

You only have to search 71,432 mi² for it. Road trip?


MAGA 2020


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DRM strikes again! What are you supposed to do with ordinance like that when the manufacturer decides one day not to support the launcher any more? You probably can’t even research means of using the grenades in other launchers without violating the DMCA! This calls for a new entry for the EFF’s Catalog of Missing Devices: a grenade launcher that will freely let you fire off the grenades of your choice the way you want. Or something.


So I did some digging. The primary grenade used by that system is a typical US issue 40mm round. Specifically it most commonly uses a M433 which is similar to the standard M430 that’s been rifle fired since 1971.


Yep. Civilians can own a smaller 37mm tube, which I think just has flare and smoke rounds. 40mm won’t fit. Though you could probably make a “zip gun” to launch a 40mm round if you found one. The 40mm rounds themselves I believe are considered explosive devices, and thus one needs specific licensing to mess with.

As for the MK 19, if one was curious what that was, here are some Marines using one at training.


I’d be a trifle surprised if it would be enough to get excited about, especially if you don’t already have the requisite contacts and tolerance for legal exposure.

The Mk19 has a pretty long list of users and service history; which means that this probably isn’t the only time that a few have fallen off the back of a truck, with and without scare quotes.

Plus, 40x53mm grenades seem to be very popular for the entire genre, so if you are just looking for something to glue a shuttlecock to and drop from your drone(apparently the hip new thing among people who can’t afford real air support), you have other options, probably including some of the delightfully value-oriented “stamped out by the zillion in the former Soviet republic of collapsistan” flavor.


I don’t think so. A belt of scotch could be a unit of measure, though… and much more fun.


My recollection is that these have a bigger propelling charge and are incompatible with the M203 or M40 single shot launchers.
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My 2 year old niece told us that just the other day.


I believe what they meant to say was ‘luckily the grenades can be not safely used…’