Over 1,000 guns seized from Los Angeles mansion in upscale Holmby Hills

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Firearm manufacturing equipment was also found


Anyone surprised (probably the better question)?


Even for your garden variety “gun nut” that’s excessive.


Wow. That’s, umm, that’s a lot of firepower. Wow. There just have to be some connections to something unsavory, or else doomsday cultism.


I’ve often wondered why you need guns if the “world” is ending?


Wow, that neighborhood has really gone downhill since The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


Hey, man, if civilization is ending, you gotta be able to shoot the undesirables before they get your can of beans!

(why you need 1000 guns to do that, I do not know.)


“Browning Machine Gun rifles” is a weird way to put it. The .50 BMG sniper rifle uses a .50 caliber cartridge originally designed for the .50 Browning machine gun, but I don’t think “BMG” stands for anything any more, and it’s confusing to spell it out.


Read somewhere that the guy was a licensed firearm dealer who also sold guns “on the side” and stuff that he shouldn’t (semi-autos that are illegal in CA but not necessarily in other states).

So yes, definitely a certified gun nut but not necessarily a doomsday prepper (from what I can gather).


It was B.A.R. in my day, back in the old century when I was stationed at A.P. Hill Army Base Virginia circa 1977 [it’s a beautiful park now], Browning Automatic Rifle.


Big Motherfracking Gun.


I was not aware they came in such brightly-colored packages. I might have thought it was a picture of a pile of board games, especially the orange ones in the lower right.

(Strange, to think that someone out there is involved in package design for firearms – or that a consumer’s purchasing decisions might be swayed by such packaging.)

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We all know his political affiliations without it even being reported.


.50bmg is the name of the specific .50 caliber cartridge in question. It still stands for Browning Machine Gun, cause the round was developed for Browning Machine Guns. It just goes into other things. Cartridges get named like that, caliber + manufacturer or purpose. Like .223 rem for .223 Remington, the company that developed it. Or .45 acp for Automatic Colt Pistol, cause it was developed for Colt’s semi-auto pistols

Breaking out the words in the abbreviation is definitely confusing. Its a bit confused to read, and makes it seem like the guy had multiple .50 cal machine guns.

I also find it weird that Cali banned .50.bmg but not other .50 cal cartridges. Its the most common in rifles yeah but there’s other ones out there. Some of them bigger, with more powder behind them. Or designed to be safely fired from an AR15 series rifle.

Its a specific kind of very big bullet you don’t need for anything.

That’s it on the right. Next to it is .30-06 probably the most common hunting round in the US.

It wasn’t. That’s a gun, that doesn’t even shoot that caliber (its .30-06). The .50 cal cartridge in question was designed for the big mounted machine guns we put on the back of trucks and mount in airplanes. Its for putting holes in engine blocks and killing machinery.


i don’t know much about guns, other than that i don’t like them or what they do, but is that ATF officer in the picture, the one on the right, pointing that gun at the other officer in an unsafe way?

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You need to have a lot of firepower to take down a Deathclaw!


As nearly all of the doomsday scenarios have like 90% of the population being wiped out in short order. Fuck it, I am playing the odds and enjoying the now and if I manage to survive then chances are the crazy guy with all the guns and food has not and I can use those.


Most of the packaging you see is ammunition, I’m pretty sure. It’s kinda hard to tell, but I spot what appear to be Fiocchi and Hornady boxes, amongst others.




Definitely a fuck ton of ammo. There’s federal, Remington boxes among others in there. The red plastic containers at center look like the plastic ammo caddies used by reloaders to hold finished rounds.

A little bit. You aren’t supposed to point them in even the general direction of another person. But the cylinder is open, which means the gun is incapable of firing or “safe” in the jargon (which does not mean actually safe your supposed to still act like its loaded just in case).

But with an actual no shit pile of guns like that, pointing every which way there’s nothing safe about the situation until you hand check each gun and make sure its unloaded, incapable of being fired, then pointed away from people. What he’s got going on is kind of the least of your worries.