Over 1,000 guns seized from Los Angeles mansion in upscale Holmby Hills

Ok, smart guy: if you can think of a better way to crack the engine block of a truck, kill a mammoth from 1/2 mile away, and shoot down a black helicopter, I’d loooove to hear it.


I might need one bullet if things get that bad.


Civilians spend a lot of time doing such things!

Sporting use! Its for HUNTING.



We know he’s not Muslim, cuz they would have reported that.


Just how many guns can you use at one time? I only have two hands and I’d dread to think what would happen if I tried to use a gun with my left hand.


I’ve seen weirder crossdressing parties - but not much!


You say that - until the Kaijū invasion happens.


I’m sure a gun nut would consider it suspicious that I have so many computers, so who am I to judge.


He must be a huge fan.

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Er the BAR is a specific rifle that used the .30-06 round.

A Browning Machine Gun COULD include the BAR, but usually referrers to the 30 caliber M1919 or the larger 50 caliber M2.

The round the M2 uses is the .50 BMG, which also works in rifles like the ones made by Barrett and other makers. It is pretty amazing the M2 is still a front line gun used in the military today, despite being nearly 100 years old. I think they still use a version of the M1919 too.

So where did he get all his money? I mean MOST gun seller aren’t rolling in it, as the margins are slim and many gun buyers are cheap bastards. On the bare minimum end he had 1/2 million bucks worth of firearms. Easily could have 1 million or more worth, depending on what all it was.

That picture is boxes of ammo, mostly. And yeah, they are branded like anything. Some of them have pretty long used color schemes like Green/Yellow for Remington, Red/White for Winchester. And then they may have specific packaging for specific brands, like say Federal Gold Match because it way more expensive, but better performance. And then there is some silly shit like “zombie” rounds in green packaging. Meh, I usually get what is cheapest with out being garbage.

It is hard to tell the exact angle. But yeah, when you have that much going on with that many people, complete removing a muzzle sweep would be hard. I imagine the clear each gun before taking them out to be added to the pile, and now they have a team who is cataloging them with model and serial number etc.


From selling black market firearms on the side? I imagine his margins on those guns were considerably higher than any legal sales he made. In LA he can undoubtedly command a premium because it’s such a long drive to get to a gun shop where you can legally buy firearms like that. It’s not like DC where you just have to drive 20 minutes across the river to buy whatever classroom lawnmower you want.


Guy is apparently a contractor with business and personal relationships with some very wealthy people and part ownership of a lot of real estate.

The whole illegal fire arms manufacturing thing would seem to be a side line. Sounds like the guy was a straight up arms dealer rather than a paranoid arsenal type or a nutty collector.


From the antiques and the manufacturing equipment they found, it sounds like he was an obsessed ammosexual collector who became known as the go-to guy for wealthy people who wanted to buy a weapon and ammo fast, discreetly, and with no strings attached. The tip-off to the police likely came from one of the many well-off residents of Holmby Hills who were aware of his little sideline but are now expressing shock.

I really hope he kept a sales ledger and has handed it over to the cops as part of his co-operation.


Or a disgruntled buyer. Some guy felt like he got a bad deal and ratted him out to the feds.


Cat-hoarders don’t look too bad now, eh?


I can be talked into some additional gun laws, but literally no crime has ever been committed with a Barrett .50 rifle. And at $9,000 for the rifle and – I’m guessing – $15 a round, who is going to? The ban on these is silly.


Having this many guns isn’t just a crime. It’s a crime spree, waiting to happen.

I live in L.A. and the thought of this jerk flooding the streets with these makes me want to vomit.

And before anyone says “Well, who are you to tell a private citizen he has too many guns?” I’mma add that if you were to own that many of anything – cats, crockpots, Heinlein novels – it’d be pretty bad. Having that many guns is just saying that you don’t care how many people in your town die when they, invariably, are either purchased or stolen.


Moe figured out a workaround


This story gets real weird real quick:

Public records show the Bel-Air property is owned by Cynthia Beck, who has three daughters with J. Paul Getty’s son Gordon Getty. Beck bought the house in January 2001, but it remains unclear what, if any, connection she has to Wednesday’s events.
Beck grabbed headlines in 1999 when news surfaced that Getty, who was married and had four grown sons, was the father of her three young daughters. In more recent years, Beck has accumulated a trove of properties in Los Angeles and San Francisco, some of which she owns with Saenz, according to public records.

Here’s some more background:




LAPD Lieutenant Chris Ramirez said they recovered gun of all makes, calibers and models, along with more than 1,000 rounds of live ammunition.

Is that a typo or did this guy just not have a lot of ammo? That’s one round per gun (not that they all use the same kind of bullet). Shit, I got 2000+ rounds of 9mm alone :confused: