Husband and wife terror team behind San Bernardino massacre had thousands of bullets

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As mentioned in another thread, that round number isn’t very high. I keep 500-1000 rounds of the 3 common calibers I shoot, and even more of the .22lr when I can find it. One practice match of USPSA will see me shoot up to 200 rounds, and I know people who practice for competition that shoot thousands of rounds per month.

People who are hobbyist or compete buy in bulk when they can find a good deal, so they don’t ever overpay. Many end up reloading, which brings the per-round cost down significantly.

RE: The article didn’t mention what kind of party? I have heard both baby shower and holiday part - though perhaps it was both, as we had a work party and threw a shower for a guy too.


The >1600 unused rounds in the SUV, as well as all the goddamn pipe bombs, is somewhat less normal, yes?


They say “preparation is everything”. But on the other hand, maybe they should have worked out a better escape plan. Guess they didn’t plan that far ahead…

Pipe bombs and using guns to shoot people is less normal and wrong.

My point is for the layperson who has no clue about these things to offer perspective that the round count isn’t that crazy.

And I have been pulled over with like 4 ammo cans full of stuff and was fine. Got to transport stuff somehow.


While there is plenty to debate about guns, gun ownership, etc I do find the breathless coverage when crimes like this are committed rather annoying. “12 pipe bombs and tools for making more”. Well, of course they had tools, and the tools don’t just vanish after they make the bombs. I bet a lot of us have the exact same tools too, just probably not the pipe bombs.


As I mentioned in the other thread, CNN’s coverage is really pissing me off. More fool me for listening to it, I guess.

There’s enough awful stuff about this case that you don’t have to resort to hyping things up and speculating randomly about who radicalized who, or thinking it’s suspicious that a muslim has done the Hajj.


Sometimes even the materials.

Did some project, or maybe a home repair, involve plumbing? Perhaps air, maybe water, maybe gas? Then you virtually certainly got some spare pipe caps left, and maybe even some pipe itself and possibly even a tool for cutting thread to the pipe. And these things keep, can last in stock for decades. Suspicious much?


Well when you have 24/7 news, with no new news, you start speculating. Repeating the same thing over and over only fills so much air time.


That’s actually helpful, thanks. However, you must admit it’s less normal to carry that much ammo to the office you plan to shoot up.


Which is why I hate 24/7 news. CNN don’t even have an agenda to push, just airtime to fill between adverts.


a few years ago when the price of bullets was way high you couldn’t find a right-wing person who did not advocate good prepared americans having this much ammo in their home. just a funny point of fact i guess. now that i think about it, that was right after sandy hook too.

sadly i do know of people IRL who drive around with a fuckton of ammo in their vehicle. gotta have ammo in the truck for the truck gun. scary shit. let them just kill me because i’ll never carry one. i’m not afraid to be in the real world unarmed guess im old fashioned.

edit: i bet it wouldn’t be hard to find gun-fans who say keeping explosives in the is okay/normal, since many of them like to use exploding targets from ammonium nitrate!!!

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It’s pretty telling, particularly with recent articles here on BB about the difference between coverage of white Christian terrorism and Islamic terrorism, or what is characterised as such.

The narrative has turned very quickly from wistful gazing into the distance pondering man’s inhumanity to man and our helplessness to do anything about it without sacrificing our God given right to bear arms, to terror sleeper cells hiding in our midst ready to open fire and blow up our parties when we least expect it, panic, panic, PANIC…


Ha, saw this headline on another news site and wondered if BB was going to bite the meaningless fright bait. I’m almost considering if I should be disappointed.


Yes, context is key to many things. The problem is the presence of something doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

You could be taking your kitchen knife to your moms house to help make dinner, or to your ex-gf’s house to kill her. Someone listening to gangster rap in their car when pulled over doesn’t mean they are actually in a gang or deal drugs. Jefferson owned a Koran, doesn’t make him a Jihadist. A glass pipe doesn’t mean that person smokes weed. Encryption software and a camera doesn’t mean one makes and distributes child porn.

IMHO - it’s worthless, unless you can maybe watch something important live. I don’t watch TV news, but if I did I’d rather watch a well thought out 1/2 hour - hour recap of the day, edited and concise. I used to watch the nightly news.


I think he covered that bit already. Did you skip the first line of his post?

At this point I feel I must point out that you can’t take your guns to your moms house to help make dinner. But your point is valid.

Bad time to be a “legitimate” Muslim gun enthusiast.


Well you know the companies that control the NRA are rubbing their hands with glee. They are so excited about all the guns they can sell now.


Cameronh1403 make robulus sad :frowning: