Over 1,000 guns seized from Los Angeles mansion in upscale Holmby Hills

Well, a million is over 1000, so…

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Well, yeah… but the article makes it sound like its only about 1000. I mean it could be a million guns too, as that is also “over 1000”.

The way this is written, the guy sounds like he ran a small business in the gun arena, and the state made one or more of his previous pieces of inventory illegal to move. California is known for doing a lot of laws chipping away at gun ownership, so this sounds more like a result of their move than of him going out of his way to do “scary evil things.” Chances are his inventory is legal in the rest of the states. Sucks to be in that business in CA or in the sex toy business in TX, etc…


wtf is that? :dizzy_face:


Looking at that stack of boxes. There’s well more than 1000 rounds there. I’m thinking they just didn’t feel like adding it up, and “1000 rounds of ammunition” is stock newspaper for “this guy had, like, so many bullets”.

Its not all that hard to rack up 1000 rounds, .22lr bullets come in boxes of 100 pretty commonly. So its like 10 boxes of something. My uncle probably has a few thousand rounds in the basement, people just keep giving it to him because they don’t know how to safely dispose of it. And even as much as he shoots he cant keep up. He won’t allow anyone else to buy bullets because he needs to clear the basement up.

Now the 10’s of thousands of rounds guy? Of just two calibers? And they’re all the same brand, and not a cheap one.

That guy is crazy.

A bit, especially as structured. But given that these things are designed to take down airplanes. Restrictions on very large very, very powerful military rounds makes sense.

I mean the fact that you can buy a sniper rifle with those sorts of capabilities at a god damn truck stop (and I have SEEN them at truck stops) is fucking rediculous. And a ban like that can be seen as a response to the rising popularity of such tactical insanity.

But like I said, that isn’t the only round in that class you can pick up in wally world.

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Apparently it’s a ceremony of this Xtianist sect, an offshoot (heh) of the Moonies:


This is their coat of arms (heavy on the arms):

Our Core Values:

  • Personal accountability to God
  • Mind-body unity through self-defense training (Peace Police Peace Militia activities)
  • Building Christ-centered families
  • Living for the sake of others
  • Defending our family, neighbor, and God’s Kingdom through the Biblical Word of God and self-defense culture (Revelation 19:15)

Self-defense culture. Weapons. Crowns and garish raiments. You know, the priorities that the Biblical Jesus went on and on about.


That’s got to be the most hysterically funny thing I’ve ever seen! I wonder how many of them are members just for kicks? Like that one wierd guy who always dresses like the easter bunny for every parade…


Maybe he is just unusual and collects just one round for each of his guns.


I try not to keep bullets in the house for safety and sanity’s sake. But I do have a small box of them locked away for “what if i have to shoot that raccoon under the shed” purposes.

Maybe he’s doing that?

Less silly than private ownership of one. Do we really need to wait until someone has used one to shoot through the cinderblock walls of a school to ban them?


I can’t recall the last time I heard of anyone holding up a liquor store with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher or shooting down 747s with an anti-aircraft gun, but I’m still not convinced it should be perfectly legal for civilians to purchase rocket-propelled grenade launchers and anti-aircraft guns.


Wait, you’re telling me this guy doesn’t have an NRA membership?


The relevant federal law says anything 50 cal and above is a destructive device and banned except for those with a sporting use.

That sporting use generally refers to things like hunting. And 50bmg only has a tenuous use case in such scenarios.

Although target shooting contests are sometimes cited as the sporting use. But if that’s all that’s necessary to prove sporting use, I don’t see why not allowing field artillery.


What makes you so sure those are illegal to own? Here’s a Bosof 40mm M1 anti-aircraft gun for sale.

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I believe the connection is to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

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They picked up that one little bit, “take up thy crown and thy rod of iron” and just ran with it.

I can imagine Jesus saying “I told them to love one another, to help the poor and sick, to treat strangers as their own family, and this is what I get?”



I was in a Twitter argument with bunch of gun nuts and one brought this up as a reason we needed to eliminate all gun laws because this proves gun laws don’t work.

If you don’t count war crimes.


Maybe he’s just that good…

He only needs one.