Police cite AK47 toting Banana




There's always money in the banana stand.


It wasn't me! I only use a steam-powered blunderbuss, these new-fangled guns scare me.


I found it shocking that the cops actually hassled him over his gun in Texas. Apparently they only cited him for solicitation though.


Just look at this gun-toting banana suit guy. Just look at him.


No one makes fun of this banana - NO ONE !



So they finally caught him, eh? He's been giving them the slip for years.


Yes, standing by the road with a loaded assault rifle will get you ticketed for wearing a banana suit. U!S!A! U!S!A!


Just look at this banana clip! Just look at it!


It wasn't loaded.


The banana or the gun?


Of course the banana was loaded - with Potassium!


Dang, I was hoping for brandy.


I didn't see anything in any of the linked articles about the gun's status re: being loaded or not.

I really liked this quote from one of the articles though:

Police have cited an 18-year-old Beaumont man who riled and worried passing motorists by standing at an intersection dressed as a banana with an assault rifle slung across his back.

Riled and worried!


Move along, people. Nothing to look at here.


I like this one better.


I can't say I'm particularly shocked it was Texas - in terms of dysfunction, it's close to Florida.


Maybe @Mister44 has some... firsthand knowledge? stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

EDIT: It's probably true that the gun was unloaded, though. Openly carrying a loaded gun is illegal in Texas. He probably would have gotten a citation for that, too, had it been loaded.