The second-dumbest tattoo in America


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It’s a stupid idea for a tattoo, but it’s an incredibly popular stupid idea.


I’m afraid to ask, but please remind us what is in your option the dumbest tattoo in America? The tramp stamp is so 1990s you only see them on middle-aged moms.

What even prompted the police to come in the first place? Even if the tattoo was a real gun, the property owner definitely didn’t brandish it and the story makes no assertion that it’s use was threatened. The real story to me is cops harrassing a guy in his own home for allegedly exercising his second amendment rights.


Wait a minute. Why did the police go to this guys house? Did police have reason to believe that his gun was unlicensed? I know he didn’t threaten someone with it, because - not actually a gun. So what justified the armed response?


Arse Antlers?

Looks like he has an Aryan Eagle, and an Iron Cross tattooed on the other arm. Seems like a swell fellow.


This is purely a guess, but the fellow in the picture doesn’t look like the kind of guy who calmly or politely discusses anything. Vague threats and lots of screaming are probably what got the police out there.

No matter what he said though, the guy who called it in probably described it as an armed and irate man threatening them. It’s not like the guy gets to hop on the call with the police and give his side of the story. The police don’t really know what’s going on until they arrive at the scene.


Before reading the post, but having glanced at the photo, I instantly thought it might have been a Crowe from Harlan County.


So, what you’re saying is, you didn’t read the article at all.


I think I’m still under a restraining order, so I’d better not say.


According to Leviticus, tattoos are an abomination!

I think the world would have been a better place if the Westboro Baptist Church had spewed its venom machine around tattoo parlors with GOD HATES TATTS signs.

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Take your pick.

The article says:
“The workers thought they saw a gun in his waistband and called police.”
Workers arrive unexpectedly on someone’s land. The landowner comes out to investigate and appears to have a holstered weapon that he never brandishes, refers to, or threatens them with. If utility workers called the police on every landowner who had a holstered gun with them when they saw them, then the deputies in rural America would have nothing else to do but berate utility crews for wasting their time for complaining about the local farmers and ranchers dress habits. Either the utility workers were being @$$holes or there is more to the story than was printed. Reading the story provides no hint as to why the police were called as the utility workers didn’t witness anything that was illegal (or unusual in most of the United States outside the big cities) even if it had been a real gun in his waistband.


Yeah, not til after I posted. Sorry.

God may hate them–but only on Jews.


The overwhelming majority of rural Americans, farmers and ranchers included, don’t walk around carrying a firearm.


I thought it was clearly this one:

…Well, technically, that’s ignorant, not stupid.


So there are non-stupid tattoos?


I hope it doesn’t go off. Actually, I hope it does.