Texas gun owners lament new open carry laws

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What sort of hellhole is Texas that they are so worried their lives are on the line every day they are not carrying a gun?

Do they have a clue what real danger is?


An idiot with a gun, is still an idiot with a gun, especially in Texas.


Private business and property owners can ban firearms from their property by either posting signs, or verbally informing armed people they are not welcome to carry their weapons.

For now. Over in Tennessee where I am there have been several proposals in the state legislature to allow gun owners to ignore those bans and carry their guns anywhere they damn well please. There’s been a more serious effort to override businesses forbidding their employees from bringing guns to work. The argument is that sometimes people forget they’ve got a gun in the trunk of their car.

I say if you forget you’re driving around with a gun you shouldn’t be allowed to have one.


It’s TEXAS baby! Where terrorists never even make it out of the parking lot.

The comment in the article mentions someone losing concealed-carry rights because of Texas’ new open-carry laws. Anyone know what that comment is referring to?

reads a later post in the thread. “I hope the right to walk around looking like Wyatt Earp is worth it to the open carry folks because a lot of us are loosing our right to concealed carry and it may cost some of us our lives for your privilege to play cowboy.”

This seems to reflect a common assumption that concealment of weapons is a natural, desirable default way to go about things. If something is legal, then how is not hiding it a privilege?

Also, I very much doubt that most cattle workers use firearms in their job.

Perhaps it’s a place with dangerous wildlife.

Not everyone lives in a tamed, sheltered place surrounded by armed, uniformed and vicious thugs… although there are indeed some modern cities in Texas.

Seems like a simple enough rule, doesn’t it? Hard to enforce, unfortunately.

In the United States, at least, I’d expect that the majority of cattle workers who do use firearms in their job are working in Texas. I could be wrong!

BTW, you have to train a horse to permit guns to be fired from its back, and you have to maintain the training. I’ve spent many happy hours riding through the woods firing wax bullets at trees and rocks in order to maintain the gun-training of a civil war re-enactor friend’s horse. Great fun!


You’ve obviously never lived in Texas. I would argue that nearly all cattle workers own guns and most carry them (on person or in vehicle) while working. How do you think you put down a horse or cow - dynamite? They use them to shoot anything threatening the cattle too.


Yes, because guns are the reasonable response to rattlesnakes and scorpions.


Rattlenakes, of course. They gonna carry a rake around with them everywhere? Scorpions, not so much.


We have rattlesnakes here in Colorado too. I was even threatened by one once. I didn’t have a gun, but somehow managed to avoid the terrifying noisy reptile without one. That’s sort of what the rattle is for to begin with. If it hadn’t warned me and had just bitten me, I really doubt shooting it afterwards would accomplish anything.


Wow. So the rights of gun carrying are more precious in our United States than that of property ownership? That is like the immovable object meeting the unstoppable force.


As opposed to denial?

So, Texans are shooting ants and spiders? Why don’t they just make pals with that adorable anteater, and sic him on the ants? Or are anteaters posing a greater threat to Texas than the librul media would have us believe?


Wow, you are pretty bad at identifying reptiles. I recommend you do not move to Texas.


So make it legal to carry a gun while working on the range. Do those cattle workers really need to open carry into the latest showing of Frozen 2?


You’ve clearly never had to defend yourself when someone finally snaps after one too many times of hearing “Let It Go”.


Frankly, I think what you described in the opening post is an example of the system working (which I’ll confess I did not expect from Texas, so I apologize to Texans).

I think it’s great that people who don’t like guns on their property are making their dislikes known, and keeping the open carry blowhards out of their property. And also great that the open carry people can exercise their hard-won freedom, well, openly. And that in one of the largest places in the USA where carrying a gun makes any kind of sense, the electorate is OK with them doing so.

But mostly I like any post that has that Yosemite Sam gif at the top. I love that image!


does the dangerous wildlife hang up the “strictly regulated signs” prohibiting open and/or concealed handguns? if so you may have a point : P

I have an alternate solution you may have heard of: Tall boots. I hear those are plentiful in Texas, actually. If you’re talking about bears or mountain lions or something, again, we have those in Colorado as well. Shouting at them and making yourself look big works fine, and even then, your chances of running across one even in a wilderness area are vanishingly small. If you’re really worried, wear bells and they’ll always know you’re coming. Believe it or not, they will use this knowledge to avoid you rather than kill you. Of all the arguments for why one should carry a gun, this one seems pretty outlandish.