TOM THE DANCING BUG: How to Tell the Difference Between an Open-Carry Patriot and a Deranged Killer



More seriously I wonder if this rule works:

Under 40 = deranged killer.
Over 40 = just an idiot.

I know something like 90% of spree killers are under 40. From looking at the news the ‘open carry’ nuts are mostly older, or at least one of the group is older.


Uh huh. So, if no Oreos, RUN. Got it.


A deranged killer will shout loudly, “I’m just an open carry patriot,” before shooting you; an open carry patriot will shout loudly, “I’m just an open carry patriot,” before shooting you a menacing glance.


Daily Show had some good do’s and don’t’s.


If you’re in Florida, just shoot them and let Stand Your Ground sort it out.


Can he do another one explaining the different between thugs/gang members and “normal” people?

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I just wish that rather than provoking stores into banning firearms (and then, getting media attention for having a gun ban in a store), we could ban these guys for being dicks.

Could we convince a major chain to adopt the Wheaton Rule?

I mean, I know that they are carrying their weapons to demonstrate their support for open carry, but there are things you don’t carry around with you. Brooms are legal, but you don’t go shopping with one. Weedeaters are legal, but you don’t take one into a restaurant. Canoes are legal, but you don’t take one into a movie theater. They are just trying to provoke a reaction and it’s rude and tiresome.

I wonder if more places might just ask them to leave (or ban them) for just being disruptive, so that they can’t paint the whole ‘liberal world’ as being antigun. "

Either that, or maybe people might stage a ‘counter-protest’ by open carrying fire extinguishers into all the businesses that allow the open-carry guys to do this.

“What? He’s worried there might be a terrorist. I’m worried there might be a fire. It’s perfectly legal.”


Yes! I would certainly feel threatened by the sight of a strapped open-carry zealot walking towards me. So I suppose, by Stand Your Ground standards, shooting him before he shoots me would be perfectly justified.


Any civilian who carries their gun across their front is automatically suspicious in my book because it looks like posturing. In my experience, it’s much more comfortable and convenient to carry it across your back.


Yeah, well, “posturing” is exactly how I would describe openly carrying around a gun in order to demonstrate your support for the “freedom!” to openly carry around guns.

That said, if I saw you in a Piggly Wiggly with your AK or whatever strapped to your back instead of your chest, I’d still find you “automatically suspicious.”


Open carry nuts also tend to run in packs, with signs and pamphlets. Or at least dress as cowboys.


Open Carry Patriot stuff falls under the heading of ‘Shit White People Do’. I live in an open carry state and I’ve only seen one non-white open carry case. Everyone else I’ve seen open carry down here has been scared white people.

I wonder what would happen if 10-30 minorities with shotguns decided to go to a chili’s together, or walk up main street in protest? My guess is the police would come and after several shots fired the ‘gang incident’ would be under control.

The law itself isn’t racist but the ingrained reactions of people, law enforcement and judges…


Know them by their truck-nutz


First off, you have a great attitude on this, please keep sharing it.

But they can, and they will, just paint larger and larger swaths of the world as being ‘liberal’ or, as I like to imagine a gun-nuts worldview, paint larger and larger swaths of the world as filled with “filthy hobbitses who want my precious”.

And being outnumbered merely makes their underdogged determination stronger.


Hey man, they started it

… and then they quickly passed a law banning people from carrying loaded guns in public.

So maybe if people want to get more gun control laws enacted, we need more black people willing to test the existing laws. Some brave, brave black people…


Guns are so scary. But how to know if someone has a bomb in their backpack? Is that just a student slouching under the weight of all those books, or is that a crazed teen or 20-something about to drop off a pressure cooker bomb that is in that backpack?

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Hmm, I kinda don’t think that black people should be expected or even called upon to take up this fight.

Anyway, it seems sure to backfire, since the mighty corporate/right-wing media machine has had a lot of practice separating Problems With Those Black People from Threats To “Our” (White Patriots’) Freedoms.


Most gang members make it VERY OBVIOUS they are in a gang – that’s part of the point of being in a gang. Colors, style of dress, TATTOOS (which make it very, very easy to identify them).

How to tell if someone is not a gang member? They don’t have gang tattoos.

Your analogy is faulty.


It’s legal to own a chainsaw and a hockey mask, right?