Man exercising right to open carry robbed at gun point




C’mon, Oregon? He must have recently moved from Florida…


So Florida.


Damn. Someone found a loophole in the otherwise-flawless logic of NRA talking points.

MORAL: Don’t bother spending too much money on a fancy gun. Just buy the cheapest one they have available and wait outside the store until someone else comes out with a nicer one.


This wouldn’t have happened if he were carrying two guns.


Also on BoingBoing, news about woman exercising 4th amendment right had that right violated by DEA (, business exercising 1st amendment right violated by government (

Oh, wait, sorry, this is BoingBoing, we’re supposed to laugh at victims exercising their 2nd amendment rights. Sorry. So sorry. Haha, people who own and use guns are so stupid! How’s my victim-blaming going? Good?


Aw, sweetie. Does your head hurt? Why don’t you lie down for a while.


Wait, I’m not fitting in, am I? Am I not victim blaming enough? “I bet this guy was white and had a fedora, too.” Does that help?


I like fedoras. @beschizza does not.


I consider concealed carry a better idea, for the same reason people at the time of rampant ipod thefts swapped the iconic white “look, I carry an ipod!” headphones for more generic/cheap looking black ones.

Also, in big enough sample we can find examples of everything that’s possible. Things that get front-page news are rare enough to be a statistical non-concern.


Clearly, the only thing that will keep a good man from holding a gun, is a bad man with a gun of his own, and… I’m sorry; I lost track of what fatuous truism I was spouting. I believe irony was involved at some point.


Good thing we got that straightened up about this very important news story.


“Joined 20 mins ago”
How would you have any clue?


How would you have any clue?

Long time reader, first time poster. I mean, see, look, you cast aspersions on other people (you haven’t been here long enough! your argument is invalid!), that’s how we do things here on the BoingBoing BBS, right?


I think we’d be better off discussing the post or the subject of how the right to openly carry a gun in public keeps America safe. Discussing how you fit in is off-topic. Feel free to start your own topic on yourself when your account is a couple days old, and you are allowed.


Is there anything as ironic as irony?


Yeah, because we’re doing that by publicizing a news article from a non-mainstream media outlet about a man who holds a given interpretation about the US constitution getting robbed at gunpoint, as some sort of collective dog-whistle Schadenfreude exercise.


Instead of buying a gun he should’ve weaponized his face.


Or just buy a hi-point pistol instead. The only gun so ugly that the mugger will give you his gun instead, out of sympathy.


Yes there is.