Man carrying 5 guns, body armor arrested in Atlanta supermarket

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How long before he’s back with the same weapons and looking for different outcome.


Seems a rather extreme way to keep people at least 6 ft away from you while shopping.


“I was just trying to make a point…”


that ladies and gentlemen was what you call a close call


Maybe this has already been discussed but, I’ve been mulling a thought for a long time.

So, according to recent SCOTUS rulings, American citizens individually have the right to bear arms right? We are legally allowed to carry them.

So, then we have cases Philandro Castile. Who was legally carrying, had the permit, did as he was required by law and informed the cop. Then was executed on the spot.

Now, I’m not backing up this publix guy. Bringing a bunch of guns and being all strapped for a shootout in a grocery store is not cool. If I were there, I’d think that guy was either out to kill a lot of people or otherwise intimidate a lot of people.

But it’s not illegal to have firearms.

Granted he was probably tresspassed. But I doubt anything here is going to stick.

There’s just so much inconsistency. Law abiding man is executed immediately without actually having a gun on him. The situation never called for violence.

Then we have this publix fuckwad who is arrested for looking scary. Granted if I had my way, walking around brandishing would be illegal.

But carrying a gun or many guns around isn’t illegal. No matter how much of a dangerous asshole you are.

The inconsistency and cognitive dissonance is intolerable.

Either we make it illegal to carry guns around when you have no legitimate business doing so, or we need to just tech in schools that in America, you can just be shot by a skinhead or a gang banger or Dick Cheyney walking around with half a dozen ARs and that’s just the price of freedom.

Either we have the right to bear arms. Or we don’t.

This Jim Crow bullshit is weird.

Just make it illegal already.


Every time some asshole uses a gun to slaughter a whole bunch of people the ammosexuals treat it like it is a personal attack on them rather than a tragic and predictable consequence of this nation’s lax gun regulations.


In some areas, openly carrying is classified as brandishing and illegal. Your local laws may vary. (Georgia appears to require a license for open carry and concealed carry.)

There is absolutely zero reason for carrying three pistols and two rifles into a store, however.


It’s perfectly consistent. Black guys with guns get shot on the spot. White guys with guns get hugs. And if you have any questions about the “black guys get shot” part, you can go ask that guy over there: Mr. Qualified Immunity.


We live in a country where it’s easier to buy a gun than it is to cast a vote.


Is this a case for “Bullets not Ballots”?


Exactly. That’s why there always a boost in gun sales whenever a widely publicized mass shooting takes place. “Now the Dems will be fixin’ to take our guns!!”


Is open carry legal in Georgia? I mean this is 'murica. Did he actually break any laws or just common sense/decency?

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he was charged with aggravated assault, so I guess that means his actions were interpreted as a threat to harm? Seems like a passive threat since he went to a bathroom and was arrested when he exited, but maybe there was more to it than that. I think the circumstances alone would justify people perceiving this as a threat regardless of whether he broke an open carry law or not


Police are still working to determine why he had so many guns inside the store.

Well I for one will sleep better knowing the best & brightest at the Police Farm are on the J O B.


Hugs and Burger King.


At any moment a fanatic might jump out of the broccoli bin and attack with a piece of highly volatile fruit.

Apples are very dangerous



Man, it’s almost like outrage is manufactured here in the USA to sell things and consolidate power…
(even if the underlying narrative isn’t really factual.)


Spoiler: Freedom


This isn’t the first time a Freedom™ loving chud decided to cosplay soldier of fortune with multiple loaded weapons immediately after a mass murder. In 2019, a guy “wanted to know if that Walmart honored the 2nd Amendment”, less than a week after someone shot up a Walmart, and 9 days after the Gilroy Garlic Festival massacare.