Open Carry T-shirts are an invitation to be shot by cops


Police apologists for outlawing realistic pictures of guns in



More proof that video games and movie violence have destroyed the moral fabric of cishet male boomers

How is this “an invitation to be shot by cops”? Do you imagine that the police routinely shoot anyone they see openly carrying a gun?

I mean, you live in LA, right? So do I. I have some experience with openly carrying a gun in various parts of LA, (professional reasons, don’t ask) and while it definitely will draw the attention of the LAPD, I’ve never once had any impression that I was at any risk of being shot.

I got way more grief about openly carrying back in the '70s in the supposedly “Wild West” of Apache Junction, AZ than I’ve ever gotten in LA - but even then, none of the cops I encountered ever gave me reason to fear for my life.

Of course, I don’t freak out just because a cop points a gun at me. I’ve had that happen on several other occasions (unrelated to carrying guns) and none of them ever made me fear for my life, either.

Not that I think that makes this T-shirt a good idea, mind you - the cops aren’t the only people who might possibly shoot someone who appears armed, and I’ve been in places where, if you look like you’re carrying a gun, you’d better be.

But it’s not the cops I’d be worried about.


On one hand we shouldn’t live in a world with such trigger happy cops that this would be a problem.

On the other hand it appears we do, at least in some places, and this is a really, really stupid idea. Though I think this is hardly original. I bet you 10 bucks this design has been made before.

Of course people wear shit with giant pot leaves or other shirts talking about illicit behavior, which is like a big neon sign that says “find a reason to search me”.

ETA - oh and people who get tattoos that look like guns tucked in waist bands. I mean, play stupid games…

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Hey, I’ve seen T-shirts that look like a gun shoved in a waistband. Just tuck the shirt in, and you’re good to go!

Now, personally I suspect that’s a lot more likely to get you shot - or at least chewing gravel with guns pointed at you - than the shoulder holster illustrated here.

The exposed shoulder holster suggests that you have some legitimate reason to be carrying, and, IME will usually result in the cops asking questions first, before even drawing their weapons. The fake waistband gun - now, that’s a genuinely bad idea.

And I guarantee the cops won’t find it even slightly amusing. (-:

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May I assume that you are a white person?


I guess she WAS asking for it.

Isn’t being a law-abiding U.S. citizen a legitimate reason to be carrying, period? I thought that’s what the Second Amendment of their Constitution was all about. I admit no first-hand experience with the U.S., so I don’t want to suggest that the issue is black and white.


Imagine this may be a Darwinian solution to the various flavors of gun nuts. Wear this shirt become a target!


I don’t come from America, so please forgive my surprise. Presumably you weren’t threatening the officer or public at the time, but the police have pointed a gun at you on several occasions? And you don’t think that’s disturbing at all?

That does sound a bit like the Wild West. I’m fine with people learning to use a gun and keeping it locked up, but there haven’t been many places in the west where I’ve had the feeling that there might be a shootout if somebody gives the wrong impression. An armed society is a society where something’s really gone wrong at some point.


The US state I live in is one of the 35 states where open carry is 100% legal, and is also one of the states with the lowest homicide and violent crime rates, and the fewest shootings by cops.

That said, I am not a fan of shoulder holsters, so would not choose to wear this shirt. Because it’s ugly, not dangerous.

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Can I get one of these with a bra holster on it?


Could this kind of a holster be adapted to hold a bottle?

Because then it could be a bar bra!

I’ll show myself out…


well, the original poster seems to think that anyone - no matter their race or general appearance - will be shot wearing this shirt. I think that there are people that won’t even be questioned in large portions of the U.S.


Think of it as evolution in action.

They make bras that hold liquor with a straw to take sips from. Then you have to decide if you want to look like you have bigger boobs or drink.


If people want to hunt for food with rifles, that’s one thing.

For people who think wearing this is clever and can’t see the potential down side, your relatives can certainly accept your Darwin award on your behalf.

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It’s only an open carry shirt as long as you don’t put a sweater or windbreaker on over it.


You’ll shoot your eye out :frowning:

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