Open carry swords come to Texas on Sept 1


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Not super concerned with people’s ability to carry 16th-century weapons.


Q: Does this apply to chainsaw hands?

And/or sword guns.

Both historical.

And fantasy.


Where else am I going to carry my civil war memorabilia? /s


Texas moves one step closer to becoming an earthly paradise.


Not if I can’t bring my swords to church



leave it to a >racial slur< to bring a knife to a gunfight


Great, now i can realize my dream of becoming Crocodile Dundee


So few Americans are versed in the intricacies of knifey-spooney.


Florida Man stories that involve swords usually also have the word naked. What theme will Texas Man adopt?



Amazing how legislators spend their time in Texas.


The only absurdity here is that you can carry guns into places in Texas (and in most other states) where swords are still forbidden. How the hell does that make sense? The only reason that’s the case is that there’s no politically powerful “National Sword Association.”




The sword lobby looks like this:

Pretty crowded.


Texas only recently allowed open carry of firearms on Jan 1, 2016. One would have thought it was legal sooner given all the cowboys running around.



Seems like a perfect parody.


Remember this is the state that bans nerf guns at universities whilst real guns are allowed…


My understanding is that open carry is not something most gun owners like to do. Concealed carry license is usually what most people will go for. I have heard of cases of people doing open carry being jumped by seedy people to steal the gun from them, probably something that rarely happens but honestly i wouldn’t want to advertise that i had a gun on me if i didn’t have to. However it being Texas i am also surprised it wasn’t a thing before last year.